Tobacco (Herbs) as a Traditional Native American Gift.

Because tobacco seems to be one of the most asked questions, 
I will write about this today.

Please understand that when talking about 
‘Traditional Tobacco Gift’,

‘Native American covers from the North Pole to the South Pole, from the ocean to 
the Mississippi river’. 
I write only as a traditionalist, from an Eastern Woodland Native American People.
However, if you feel that this information fits your area, it is free to use.
Also remember ‘If you are gifting something from Mother Earth’.
“Please remember that Creator gifted it to Mother Earth for free and Mother Earth gifted it to you for free”?
Therefore, tobacco is Kinnick - Kinnick (Herbs), Tobacco no one would ever enjoy smoking.
A tobacco plant is an organic herb and always included into Kinnick - Kinnick before any type of chemical is used on it ‘before or after’ picking.
Please also remember, there is nothing sacred about any chemical, they are all poison. 
So, what you would be saying if gifting just cigarettes as tobacco to this person is “I am about to poison you”!
Tobacco that is used in our pipe ceremonies and as a gift is called Kinnick – Kinnick’ (Herbs).
At no time will a Traditional Native American encourage smoking non native tobacco, (poisoned by chemicals), “we use organic herbs only”!
This herb can be found almost anywhere around your area for free.
‘If it is native to your area used it as tobacco, Kinnick – Kinnick’.
(Sacred Kinnick – Kinnick), should never be sold, so make sure that no one tells you that it has been blessed and then tries to sell it to you, anyone doing this (is just trying to get money out of you)!
On Friday February 4, 2011 on this blog I wrote
"Tobacco should only be used as a gift"
Eastern Woodland American Native Tobacco as a gift offering to Creator in prayer.
How and when to present a gift of tobacco to a Traditional American native?
Every time one wishes to speak with an elder and/or honor an elder, it should be by Native American tobacco (Kinnick - Kinnick) gift.
How much is enough tobacco to present as a gift?
How much is not as important as how one gives the gift. 
First, make sure that the tobacco is Eastern Woodland herb, Kinnick – Kinnick (or at least herbs grown native to Mother Earth), and then remind the receiver that this gift came from ‘Mother Earth’.
Because it did come from Mother Earth, it would be nice if it were wrapped in red. Why red? 
Red represents women or Mother Earth. What is American Native Kinnick - Kinnick? 
Kinnick - Kinnick is herbs collected from Mother Earth with prayer of thanks to Creator and Mother Earth! 
Do not believe an outsider from another tribe telling you that we all must use their tobacco, their way; this is the way of our people. 
One does not almost hand our tobacco to an elder.
Gift the tobacco and step back, wait for directions from the elder because that tobacco now belongs to elder.

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