write this page to keep my grandfathers wisdom
alive in the hearts and minds of his people!
While going through my teaching blogs
websites please keep in mind that I am now retired.
I have never, and will never, look for a profit from any of my work,
Creator is watching me also!
My teaching websites and blogs are just that,
My work comes from the many years of teaching
by my elders now ancestor
growing up at their gatherings.
If for any reason, someone is in need of a personal appearance
 it is true that because I am retired and need help,
I hope that you understand that
the cost of expenses is necessary
can be worked out with
my webmaster.
A very old elder
( now ancestor)
in my Grandfather tribe once told me that
" The only dumb question is the question that you think of,
but are afraid to ask!"
Why do I put this information on the net?
Many of my tribal clan mothers asked me
" Why put all of my ancestors teachings on my free blogs
because people are stealing as their own knowledge”?
For years now while seeing Indians, wannabe Indians, and others around Indian country
using the teachings from our elders now ancestors
as their words of wisdom,
it would hurt me and interfere with my praying.
However, a few days ago in the supreme wisdom of Grandfather ( Creator)
while deep in prayer, the words came to me,
 ” my son,
where do you think all of your ancestors received their teaching”?
” This knowledge that I have freely given to you through your elders
was meant to be freely given
and shared by all,
so all can use it for the good of my creations”.
Native American teaching websites.
Although I no longer have control over my Tripod websites
some are still open for your readings.
I no longer have an EarthLink account
only because I needed Wi-Fi and they did not offer it,
they had a great site builder.
Tripod had a great web builder
however, their newest one in a joke
 Centurylink  bought out our Embarq and quickly dropped the website.
I now have and Google and WordPress and very pleased with both.
Pow~Wow Etiquette
Vocabulary and Titles:
Dance circle.
If this area is blessed by Creator before the dance it must remain pure throughout the Ceremony.
There is a single entrance to the circle always facing East, you should not enter the area unless invited, and this is the only entrance that should be used to enter.
This invisible boundary should not be broken at anytime by any one.
Regalia – attire worn by dancers – NOT a costume.
The development of a dancer’s regalia is a very personal process. Often items have taken years to create or may be gifts and have deep meaning.
Master of Ceremonies
(MC) officiates over Ceremony proceedings.
Guide to the events – pay attention to his or her announcements.
The Drum – Is the heartbeat of Mother Earth.
The drum acts as an agent to bring harmony and balance to participants and to spectators.
The drum acts as an intercessor to the spiritual realm, Ancestors/Creator.
Grand Entry – opening processional of officials and dancers.
Head Veteran/Gatekeeper.
This person runs the circle to the rules of the tribal nation and Creator as set up before the start of this gathering!
If the circle is Creator blessed, it will never be an Arena!
Arena is a European word used in their Carnivals and in their circus and Rodeos, never as a circle!
Head Man Dancer – lead man dancer.
He will begin and guide the other dancers through the dance.
Head Woman Dancer – lead dancer.
She will begin and also be a guide the other dancers through the dance.
Intertribal Dance – social dance;
Open to visitors to come join the dancers in celebration.
Bring your own seating
Chairs and benches around the arena is reserved for dancers,
seats with blankets or other personal items are taken!
Items left at seats are not to be touched! They are a part of the Regalia.
This is a gathering of family there should be no need to guard belongings from each other.
Please dress appropriately.
This is as a church please dress accordingly halter tops
and short shorts are not appropriate for this celebration.
Pictures may be taken with the permission of the dancers.
However, never during dedication dances as in the Grand entry,
Honor songs, Veterans Songs, Flag Songs, and Prayers.
These special songs will be announced by the MC.
NO drugs or alcohol permitted at any time for any reason.
Supervise your children so that all may enjoy the event without distraction
Animals some gatherings do not allow them and so should
not be brought to the event please ask beforehand.
Do not litter!
Respect our ways.
Do not touch a dancer’s regalia.
These items are made with great care and are often gifts to the dancers from
friends and family. They have deep significance and should be respected.
If something falls, leave it.
Inform the individual that they have dropped something, and they will go through the proper procedures to retrieve it.
If invited to dance, please do.
If not invited do not go.
It is disrespectful to decline, do not worry about not knowing
how, the person who invited you will teach you, remember, you are dancing with Creator so it is good.
Listen to the MC always for guidance.
He or she will let you know when you need to stand and when you may sit after honor songs.
They will also announce intertribal dances and other invitations for our guests to participate.
Always remember to have a good time with our people. Taw~but~ni.
Name Sachem Walkingfox
Location Turtlehill Uncasvillage, Connecticut and central Florida United States
Work Simi-Retired a Pequot/Mohegan Clan leader.
As the only, Traditional Native American Elder Sachem that grew up from diaper to cane, with elders from all around the Eastern Woodland American Native tribes, I speak to you because of their teachings.
Traditional Native American Elder speaker.
Recent conference talks times from 1960 through 2011.
Schools from kindergartens through collages around Indian country.
Speaking at Paw-paus, Pow-wows, Gatherings, and social events with people interested in face to face honest talks about all questions black, white, red or yellow.
Remember, the only dumb question is the one that you are shy about asking!
Words of Wisdom.
Site was removed????????????????????
I agree with what Lakota John (from the Cheyenne people?) is trying to do for the good of Mother Earth and her people, I believe that if a person has a calling from Creator to help people get back to thinking about their roots and their ancestral way of life, as long as that chosen person is invited to teach, then teach they should!
If and when we do go to teach we must first remember to pray for Creators help to teach only what creator want us to teach, we must also keep in mind in what area of Mother Earth we are standing while we teach, in other words, if we are at another tribe or country we must study their culture before teaching to make sure that the teaching is helpful to that particular tribe or country!
The teacher should also be clear as to getting back to ancestors way of life from the heart, not to a physical way of life?
Aquine ( Go in Peace John).

I no longer use tripod
For a very good reason.
Native American Ten Commandments
From Creator and Father Sky the Great Spirit
1-In all that you do, open your heart, give constant thanks and remain close to the Great Spirit each new day.
2- Earth is our mother, care for Her and all that dwell on her with respect, honor all your relations. Take from the Earth what is needed and nothing more.
3. All life is sacred, treat all beings with respect, speak the truth but only for the good in others.
4. Work together for the benefit of all Mankind, look after the well-being of mind and body, especially respect yourself.
5. Give assistance and kindness wherever needed. Do what needs to be done for the good of all, give assistance and kindness wherever needed
6. Do what you know to be right. (But be careful not to fall into self-righteousness)
7. Look after the well being of mind and body.
8. Dedicate a share of your efforts to the greater good, enjoy life's journey but leave no tracks. \
9. Follow the rhythms of the nature, rise and retire with the sun.
10.Take full responsibility for your actions, be truthful and honest at all times.
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