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Eastern Woodland American Native Dance. We in the east have lost our dance culture and this is a shame!

For years starting around the early to middle 80's we have allowed the occult, the plains and northern western tribes into our circles and change so many of our customs and ceremonial dance that many now would not even recognized them when danced, this is also a shame!

Traditional Eastern Native American dance?

This blog is only about an Eastern Woodland Native Traditional Matriarch Tribal Gathering, (powwow).

The Eastern Woodland American Native powwow came from the ancient Traditional Paw-paus as explained in some of my earlier blogs.

This gathering started at sun up and ender at sun down, dancing could however go on for the week of this gathering.

The first dance that should be discussed is one that has gotten out of hand in many gathering, The Feather dance.

The Traditional Eastern Woodland American Natives Ancestors around the New England area believed that ALL bird of Prey are our spiritual messengers and send from Creator for our protection.

They (we) have included each into our culture and ceremonies.

What happened ?

Today we worship the plains Indian Eagle?

Even that ceremony has been abused beyond recognition.

When a feather from any bird of prey drops to Mother Earth, that feather now belongs to our Mother!

If this feather drops at a gathering, we would have done the following.

Every warrior at this gathering must go to this feather, the head veteran and four of his/her warriors then do Creators bidding with this sacred ceremony while the rest direct all dancers including themselves around and away from the ceremony!

If it drops where there is no dancing every warrior at the gathering circles with their backs to the feather, except for the person guarding the feather, the person that lost the feather and the five veterans obeying Creator.

The first person protecting the feather and if possible the person that lost the feather dance in one spot at the head veterans discretion unless called to the feather.

If this ceremony becomes a show, the gathering is polluted and must be canceled!

No one except people involved with the ceremony is allowed to see the very sacred ceremony.

The Drum dance.

At first light anyone wishing to, needs to be at the flag pole with the head veteran for the flag ceremony.

As soon as this is completed the drum needs to go to the east.

The drum ceremony (if there is a sacred fire someplace at the gathering, everyone wishing to be in this ceremony needs to at the east as soon as possible. The drum walks or dances around within the circle four times with their choice of song using any drum they chose, the gathering drum would not be warm this early, then if they wish dance around within the gathering to remove evil spirits, smudging is optional.

The Fire dance.

As soon as the gathering opens to the people in the morning, anyone wishing to goes to the fire for the morning fire ceremony, a dance to thank Creator for blessings, health, friendship, gifts and for being at the gathering with the people.

This was also a friendship gathering with coffee and desert served by the host of the gathering.

Grand entry.

Much has changed from the original grand entry also however, the main thing is to have a grand entry with as little bickering as possible.

Veterans dance.

After Grand entry and before any prayer or other songs, everyone except veterans form a single line around the inside and hopefully outside of the circle, warriors bring a seat for older veterans that need them, older veterans please allow young warriors permission the show you their respect, then we have the flag song, veterans song and prayer.

After the prayer and song's, veterans dance once around and out of the circle.

Everyone around the circle except the veterans dance in place with respect to your veterans until every veterans is outside the circle, then those wishing to do so, dance behind your veterans.

Round dance.

A Friendship (round) dance can and should be on the drums list of songs as often as possible, this helps keep everyone involved in the dance.

A call from the M. C. for an intertribal friendship dance and anyone wishing should go to the east and then when the head veteran opens the east go into the circle (there should be no such thing as a arena director) we are only writing about Native Americans not a circus or carnival.

At Native American gathering, powwow paw-paus or meeting, the circle is always controlled by at least one veteran, put in place by a Head veteran.

Listen to your M C for fun and instructions while holding hands because a good M C is going to try to trick you into having even more fun at your expense.

Men's and Women's Eastern Woodland Traditional.

The Head Tribal (clad) Grandmother has the Head Tribal (clan) Grandfather start a Traditional Eastern Woodland dance first so as to better him with the Eastern Woodland Women's dance ( this is all in fun).

The elder men start with a dance, women have formed a circle like with the veterans around within the circle ready to dance in place.

Each male dancer shows off his best dance, deer skin regalia only, knife, bow with arrows never placed together while in a circle, only if it was danced just outside of the circle (village )during any war protecting the women and children from an enemy, at some of the gatherings elder men would dance this dance just outside the circle in the east.

2nd dance, then any warrior wishing to danced a traditional dance, usually the sneak up.

As soon as this dance is completed the men would form their circle around the outside and inside the circle with respect, while the women dressed in deer skin regalia only, danced a dance of their choice.

No male should ever leave the circle area until the last women exits the east.

Remember Matriarch society


New Birth.



Military ceremony.

Naming protocol.


Prayer ceremony.

Sacred Burial.

Sacred corners.