Smudging and why?

One must always remember, talking only about Eastern Native American Tribes, that Smudging is a prayer to Creator for a Blessing for or about something!

While speaking with your Creator, please do so with your brain as well as your heart?

All other tribes no matter their state, country or those new ‘Nation Indians’ might have the same or a different ceremony.

First let's find out if the circle is for a Paw~ paus or a powwow?
If it is for a Paw~paus the smudging is with tobacco (Herbs), Kinnick~ Kinnick.
If the circle is for a powwow other than a ‘Sacred Eastern Woodland American Native Gathering’ one can use the herbs from the Plains Indians known as Sweet grass and/or Sage or Kinnick~ Kinnick!
If the smudging is by anyone other than a Native American such as a Shaman, European, Witch, Warlock, then one would guess that they can even use ‘Cigarettes’ if they wish because it is not a Sacred Circle!
Only Creator can bless only Creator can judge, I only wish to try to set the records straight if I may.
One must keep in mind if you are about to be smudged by a Native American,
is it by an American native elder or Veteran if so in which part of Indian Country or Native American Country are you about to be smudged?
Please keep in mind the fact is that indigenes people had to use herbs from their own particular area while performing each particular form of ceremony!
Is this smudging being done for a sweat lodge, circle, home or just friendship?
Is this smudging being done by a keeper of the circle, a shaman, witch, warlock, or someone out of this country like the lj Celtic lands Scottish, Irish, Welch and so on?
Why Should One Smudge?
After almost a life time of being involved with everything and anything to do with Paw-paus, Pow-wows and Gatherings, except vending, with my own people, it has been a great pleasure to spend the last several years with a friend going throughout Native American and Indian country joining in on other nations Pow-wows and Gatherings.
I am retired and a Vietnam Veteran with a POW/MIA friend, a Chiricahuas
Apache, I go into their Circle for Grand Entry to pray for my Apache friend Timmy, and to enjoy dancing and friendship.
I see people coming into a Powwow grounds with dark hearts.
Some are fighting with each other;
Others are yelling at their children or using bad language.
Some are dressed not becoming someone who is about to go into a Chachu, our church.
They come from their cars and walk right into that Circle as if everything was fine.
“If there is a Supreme Being” one would wonder why all people would not wish to cleanse themselves before going into that presence.
If one goes into a Circle with a bad heart, one could pollute those around them.”
I do not wish any of their bad vibrations.
This is just one of the many reasons for writing this chapter.
The ways to smudge or clean your mind and area around you are many; it mostly depends on which area of Native American Country or Indian Country you are from?
I do not believe it to be all that important as to a correct way to smudge as it is to make sure your heart and mind are in the right place so that you feel the need to smudge.
If a person is involved in an honest Native American smudging ceremony, that person should act and feel differently than before the ceremony.
An American native should never allow smudging while people are taking recordings or pictures
~~N E V E R~~ s
Smudging is a ceremony between you, the one smudging and Creator.
In other words a prayer to and blessing from Creator.

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