First let’s start with the last? Gathering of the people. Usually when a ‘Traditions Native Elder’ speaks (Gathering).
It is because we are talking about something (Sacred), and gathering is saying “Not to be recorded, not for sale or stolen”!
And/or a powwow for our visiting public. Second and should be thinking first?
We remind our visitors of the many tribes over in Indian country (Tribes west of the Mississippi river).
Did not have a Paw-paus. And our tribes over in the Native American area (Tribes east of the Mississippi river). Culture and ceremonies from tribe to tribe might differ at times?
For instance;
Our ancestor’s gatherings (Chachu)
Where called a (Paw-paus).
Talking only about the Native American area (Tribes east of the Mississippi river).
Our powwows explained in the links above, will also ‘Never have a fire in any circle’ if we are entertaining ‘young adults and/or children’ for obvious reasons?
The fire then goes back to ‘in the west of the circle for teaching’.
Intertribal gatherings or powwows also should not have a fire in any circle, because dancers dance for a reward of some kind (money).
Creator would never be in this circle!
Creator could be, if asked, over in the west of a circle?
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