What is an American native Paw~paus?

A Paw-Paus is the original Sacred Ceremony of the people.

Back before first contact before the Europeans made it necessary for the people to change the gatherings that they held, gatherings called Paw-paus.

Soon after first contact because the Europeans were starting to get extremely pushy at wanting into this very spiritual event the Shamanism’s, of the New England tribes came together to find a fast safe way out of this situation.

The Shamanism’s, of these true American native people placed the problem in the

Hands of their head clan mothers.

After many debates about the problem the clan mothers came up with the name powwow and a great explanation as to why it should be used.

Long before this first contact our ancestors knew of an evil Shaman warlock that practice Shamanism, this Shaman warlock whose name was called powwow was an extremely evil male witch (Warlock).

It would seem that our invaders from across the waters acted very much like this Sharman so why not start having an event like our paw-paus and invite them all?

The problem in that day that was unforeseen by our ancestor is; now many of these powwows are infested with shamans, witches and warlocks, some even running them!

This would be a very good reason to explain why no American native advertises when and where we are holding our Paw-paus.

We can and will only talk about this very spiritual event from what has been taught from the 40’s 50’s and 60’s and allowed to talk about!


As told to me by the traditional elders of our New England people, this gathering was held after each of our four seasons 
Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer 
in their words 
South, West, North and East.

Fall (south) is the time of year for meetings to get ready to head in to the middle of the land gathering food and supplies and make ready to last out the colder weather that is coming, at the end of this time (fall) there would be a gathering of the people and prayers, dancing and drum for the Creators protection while on our journeys or a mini gathering. The New England people did not carry homes around the land instead they would build homes (round and long houses) in each of the seasons, places they stayed in for that season.

In the Winter Time (West) the people split up into family groups (clans and headed west) because of the food shortages at this winter time. In this winter it would be a time of hardship keeping warm and finding food and firewood so at the end of this winter these clans would hold a gathering to share food, clothing, wood and storytelling.

Spring (North) would be the time to start back toward their main homes at the great river, for planting and repairing homes and fishing holes.

At this time I will input the fact that these homes (except for the sachems family) is on a first come first serve bases so if the last owner shows up both families work together an build one or the other a new home!

Summer (East) is the time for a gathering of all the people this gathering ( Paw-paus) would be a great Spiritual event and everyone would bring food and work together repairing and rebuilding the prayer circle of course with a great opening in the East to allow room for Creator and all of the ancestors to enter.

While the people are fellowshipping, telling their story of the past season and learning of members past while gone west and new members arriving while gone and so on the fire keeper and helpers would clean and clear the circle and get the fire ready for the time Creator comes to visit with the people.

The Shamanism, with a warrior on each side to help and tend to any needs while dancing around this circle, these warriors would carry the Shamanism’s, gifts and staff if necessary to Creator and would be at the head of a line so as to pray to have a friendly gathering before entering the circle.

Shamanism would at this time ask the people to please place any bad feelings, gossip, and bad thoughts at the east door, if they wanted them back after the paw-paus just let Creator know otherwise Creator will take them into his fire to burn forever and the people can be cleansed enough to enjoy dancing and drumming with Creator and the ancestors.

Each family (clan) had their own prayer staff with prayer bags and medicine pouches from past family members and animal family members, this staff would usually be carried into the circle through the east by the family’s Clan Mother. 
Next would be the elder women then elder men, younger women and children, last but by no means least would be all of the warriors keeping a close eye out for any unwanted guests. 
As you may now start to see this gathering is a little different from a modern day powwow that you may have gone to, this would be because first, remember we are of the matriarch society, but most of all I am writing about a Paw-paus not a powwow!
They had no need for fancy ropes or railings around this circle each member would place their skins or fur blankets around and all knew that the correct way into Creators church was through the East, even our animal friends (always welcome into our church) seem to know that they are welcome to come dance and fellowship with the people, the ancestors and Creator, if they made a mistake someone, usually the fire keepers helper, would just pick it up and carry on with the gathering.
No vendors nothing to sell every family would bring something for meals and the young women would cook, every family would also bring things for trade and give away.

Creator would come into the circle and take over the fire usually for about week.

I have broken no code or promise made to my elders by not going into our spirituality aspects during this gathering so traditional people please understand that we need to at least get something out on the net so non-natives can see that we still do our ceremonies.

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