Ohjieshan means Grandfather.
After the age of 70 an elder in my tribal clan that have kept the culture and ceremonies sacred in his or her live are offered the respect of Grandfather or Grandmother.
Ohjieshan is the Mohegan Clan word for Grandfather)

Grandmother is  (objiasan).
While going through my teaching blogs and websites please keep in mind that I am now retired, I have never, and will never, look for a profit from any of my work, Creator is watching me also!
My teaching websites and blogs are just that, teaching.
My work comes from the many years of teaching by my elders now ancestor while growing up at their gatherings.
If for any reason, someone is in need of a personal appearance it is true that because I am retired and need help getting around, I hope that you understand that the cost of expenses is necessary and can be worked out with my webmaster.
Who is Sachem Walkingfox?
Is There Native American Freedom of Religion in Prisons?
Since first contact, Europeans have condemned us because we don't go to what they call a "church".
And because they don't understand how, or why we celebrate our spirituality exactly the same as they do theirs, we must be wrong somehow.
Reading the story below, reminded me of the many others story’s like it about why Eastern Natives have had such a long history of compromising our lives, our culture and our beliefs to adjust to outside thinking.
For example, we changed the name of our sacred Paw-waus gatherings to the name powwow.
The US Government even today, still has not sat down with Traditional Natives to see exactly how wrong they have been all these years, in condemning our sacred ceremonies.
You will notice the word Traditional has now been added to this Blog, to show those who read it, why I write as I do.
American Natives, past, present and future, do not spend much prayer time in a building however, we do pray to our Creator/God, for the same reasons that you do, and just as often, maybe more.
So what is all of the fuss about?
There should be no difference between a prison building and a church building.
All other religions are provided with a place to celebrate their faith in prison, why not Native People?
After all, prayer is prayer is prayer.
American Native Events.
Chief wodieagle James Gamache an elder and dear friend to Walkingfox and Tah.
Walkingfox at an honoring gathering for Chief Gray Fox, an Abenaki Veteran. and member of Sachem Tallfox’s elders clan.
American Native Issues
Storey Clan of the Pequot/Mohegan people.
American Native Spirituality
Sachem Walkingfox offers prayers at the. Carlisle Indian .
Aquine - Peace
Sachem Walkingfox carries his Mohegan staff.