Sakami Tori or (Bird of Prey)

The Traditional Eastern Woodland American Natives Ancestors around the New England area believed that ALL bird of Prey are our spiritual messengers and send from Creator for our protection.

They (we) have included each into our culture and ceremonies.

What happened ?

Today we worship the plains Indian Eagle?

Even that ceremony has been abused beyond recognition over in the east coast.

Golden and Bald Eagles,

Many of my brothers and sisters throughout Indian country hold these two birds to the highest esteem and hold them up in their sacred ceremonies.

My ancestors love them and also looked to them as a messenger of prayer to and from Creator (Kiehtan) however, all bird of prey are special keepers of the people sent from Kiehtan our Creator!

My grandfather had 7 eagle feathers on his staff for sacred reasons known only to the Traditional people however, he also had 7 feathers for each bird of prey also on the staff, ask the person that stole the staff from our office in the 1980"s he knows!

Hawks, is a name used to show most birds of prey, birds like the Coopers Hawk, also helped to keep the snake population down, non poison snakes like the water snake and garden snakes would eat the poison snakes and hawks like the Coopers Hawk would eat both.

Some native tribes call the owl's evil and run from their presence.

Enough said!

Owl's hunt at night and also helped keep our people safe from things like snakes, they also were a good warning signal when an enemy was approaching.

Falcons hunt for mostly smaller birds so when our ancestors were out hunting for food they knew prey like water fowl were around and food for the people.

Buzzards have been called the scourge of the earth.

If not for our brother the Buzzard think about the stink and the decease around you?
Swallow-tailed kite
We call them Scissor Tails.
I am adding another Bird of Prey to my list of birds even though I have never seen one in or around our Uncasvillage up north.
We see them almost every day out our dining room window, back patio and in the air around central Florida.
This, to me, is one of the most beautiful birds ever, in flight, in a nest, on the prowl and attacking a tree after its prey!
I have never seen a big bird crash into the top of a tree full speed after a squirrel other mammal, Reptile or other birds, until now.
Our Coopers Hawk families, all four of them, have moved away one would guess because of the loss of their children.
 Because I do not believe that anything can distract a Kite in action.