We are the last of the royal family
We are the Storey Clan, descendants of the Mohiigan an Algonquin Speaking American Native people of Turtle Island and Uncas, the first Sachem of the Mohiigan's.
As Sachem Uncas changed the name from Pequot back to Mohiigan and the Early European settlers again misspelled it to become Mohegan.
The Algonquin speaking people were the largest group of American Native or indigenous peoples along the Eastern coast of what is today known as the United States.
We are also descendants of Samson Occum an American native preacher and an ancestor of both Mary Tracy Fielding Storey and Bright Star, Alice Storey.
Our home land is in Uncasvillage and is now called Uncasville, Connecticut, named for Sachem Uncas, the first Sachem of the Mohiigan people. We the Storey clan honor and follow our Creator (Kiehtan), the Great Spirit, Father Sky and Mother Earth.
Because we now represent many nations and people we choose to be known as the
Turtle Island Storey Clan.
Great Grandmother - Bright Star Alice Storey - Pequot/Mohegan Ancestor
Grandmother - Elder - Pretty Wild Flower Laura Brown Pequot/Mohegan
Sachem Tall Fox - William James Storey - Pequot/Mohegan.
Sachem Ziek son of Sachem Tallfox, father of Sachem Walkingfox Pequot/Mohegan
Sachem Walkingfox - William Charles Storey, Sr. -Irish/Pequot/ Mohegan.
Chief Rolling Thunder - Russell Smith - Penobscot A Penobscot/Mohegan Leader.
Grandmother - Elder -Happy Women Mary Smith - Penobscot/Pequot/Irish.
Warrior Running Crow - Bill Jr. - Pequot/Mohegan Bill Jr the son of Walkingfox until lost in a car accident some years ago!
Clan Mother Donna Jones ( is Irish/Shawnee (Objiasan Tah).
Chief Thunder Wolf ( Al Wolf) Mohegan
Chief Jen Mohegan daughter of Chief Thunder Wolf
Chief Thunder Wolf is with Creator now
Bright Star, Alice Storey. Our first Matriarch ancestor, Alice Storey known as Bright Star because as a child she loved going outside to look at the stars.
When I was very young, my grandfather Sachem Tall Fox, At the time the Sachem of a group of Pequot/Mohegan people in the area for many years, and held his meetings at this small church near the Pequot river and also held meetings in our home.
My Pequot/Irish mother Catherine is a descendent of Laura Brown and William Brown.
Elisabeth Kelley Pequot/Irish Grandmother
Nettie Smith Penobscot/Pequot, Nettie named by Alice Storey, because she loved to fish using a net.
I can remember Uncle Russ enjoying many days & nights, warm or cold, swimming in my pool while he talked about the old days and his visits back to the Penobscot Reservation with the Matriarch Clan mother Nettie Smith & her ancestors on the Pequot nation side.
Chief Homer St. Francis of the St. Francis Sokoki Band of the Abenaki at Missisquoi was a good friend of grandfather (Sachem Tallfox) and my father (Sachem Zeak) and a real true teaching Mentor American Natives Elder for me and so many others while we were growing up in Uncasvillage!
Sachem Three Bears of the Seekonk Wampanoag tribe at one of our many gatherings in Massachusetts, Bear is an elder, a friend and a mentor to Sachem Walkingfox and one of our elders.
Grandfather Chief Chuck Finch of the Passamaquoddy tribe at one of our many gatherings in Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.
Sachem Rolling Thunder (Russell Smith) Penobscot/Pequot Uncle to Walkingfox his mother is the daughter of Charley and a descendent of Bill Brown.
Elder Clan Mother, now with Creator, Firewomen of the Wampanoag tribe.
Another of our elders and very good friend of Sachem Tallfox, Sachem Zeak and Sachem Walkingfox is Chief Silver Wolf of the Seekonk Wampanoag tribe.
Generations drummer’s warrior Renato. Renato is a true friend to Donna & Walkingfox.
These are two of the sites with some of our loving Memories of past trips around Indian Country. You will meet some good people.

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