Children's storey
Name has been changes to reflect the name of the child and his travel.

Once apron a time, long ago in the land of Uncasvillage, there was a little Native boy.
This child would pester his grandfather, the leader of the people, every time he went out the door, Grandfather please take me with you.
Most of the time grandfather could not.
However, this time grandfather said come we will go to the land of Watervillage.
I am going for their naming ceremony.
While at the gathering, grandfather needed to be in the Sacred Circle to except his new members, you see he is the Shechaim, so the boy age 6, was being watched by many elders.
Young boys will be young boys and this one quickly became bored.
He spotted a big yellow butterfly going over his head and decided to catch it.
The boy chaste the butterfly all over the yard until it flew over a fence.
Not to be out done the boy crawled under the fence and into the woods after the butterfly.
Soon the butterfly was nowhere to be found and the little boy was alone in the quiet dark woods.
He sat down on a rock, buried his face in folded arms to think of what to do.
He heard a voice in the bushes say
“Are you lost"?
He jumped up looked around and saw no one.
After some time past he heard
 “Two Legged Boy, I said, are you lost"?
This time the voice was very close.
Again he looked all around and saw no one.
Then from behind a tree came a Handsome Red Fox.
Are you lost said the fox.
 “No, said the boy my friend the yellow butterfly is lost, I am trying to find her".
"Can I play this game said the fox".
Yes we can play while looking for the butterfly.
So off they went even deeper into the woods.
At one point while chasing the fox, the young boy tripped on a tree root, fell down a hill, cut and scraped his arms and legs, then hit his head on a rock at the bottom of the hill, this knocked him out.
Seeing what had happened to his new friend, the fox jumped down the hill and tried to help.
"What should I do said the fox, what should I do"?
I know I will find his family; they can come to help.
Mean while the elders found the hole under the fence where he had gone.
The people were coming up the path and saw the Red Fox running and jumping down the path.
Follow that fox said the oldest, so they did, all the way to the bottom of the hill where the boy fell.
 THE BOY IS GONE said the fox the boy was here!
 The fox wondered, were could the boy be?
Then they heard a loud noise coming from inside the Big Black Bears cave just around the corner from the rock were the little boy had landed.
Sure enough there was the boy, in the back of the cave at the foot of this every big black mother bear.
Every time someone would try to go into get the boy the mother bear would growl real loud and chase them back out of the cave.
The Shechaim of the people, Shechaim Tallfox, came to the cave, watched the commotion for a little while. Then he walked slowly into the cave.
Mother Black Bear growled and ran right up to grandfather and said
“Get out of my home, I found this baby so it is mine”.
Grandfather said
 "Mother Black Bear, this is my grandson, he was lost and you found him".
Mother Black Bear said “Shechaim I am too old and can have no children I want this child for my own."
Grandfather said
 " Mother Black Bear, I am not going to take this child away from you, I only wish to take him back to his mother and father; they can help him get well again, if you will allow me to take him to the land of Uncasvillage, you can come and I will make you (the Clan Bear Mother), of all of our children for as long as you wish."
I know this story to be true, for you see I was that little boy.
Just a few notes so you may better understand this story.
 Back at this time in my life we did not call our gatherings powwows, they are a Paw-paus (A gathering of the people).
Every paw-paus humans were guided into the circle by a friend, a bird or animal, this friend was never tied or chained, if the bird or animal wished to leave, so be it!

Our friend, Mother Black Bear was very old and graying, the butterfly was yellow with black around the edges, and the fox was a red fox with white on the tail and neck.