(Friendship Pipe or Peace Pipe)?

 Walkingfox great, great grandfather's friendship pipe awakened by his grandfather.
Peace Pipe (Friendship Pipe)?
An Eastern Woodland American Native Pipe.
We do not make the stone pipe used out west, nothing wrong with that pipe it is just that our ancestors had no contact with their Calumet (Pipestone).
Besides have you ever tried to make anything out of a New England rock?
Give it a try without modern tools.
There is no proof that any Eastern Woodland Native American person ever traveled to Pipe Stone.
Remember, for most of their existence they did not even have horses and water goes north and south not west.
(Pipestone National Monument.)
That is until recently with train, plane and automobiles.
So it begs to differ as to why so many so called natives in New England, or anyone east of the Mississippi river would carry and swear by a Catlinite Peace Pipes?
Makes you wonder just who are the real Native Americans throughout this area?
We have Friendship and Sacred pipes!
(Traditional Eastern Woodland American Native Way).
While it may still be true after everything that has happen to the Red Man in our past by Europeans and Hollywood, some of the western tribes might still make a Peace pipe.
We do not!
We do however make a friendship pipe; we also make our own type of sacred pipe.
How to make a Native American pipe?
Native Americans, at least in the east coast, make friendship pipes.
The first of our pipes were made from plant life.
The Cat o nine tails like the dandelion is not only good food and medicine the ancestors knew of many uses for the stems also.
This plant however, is protected in many areas, because while in the wild it also helps control the water ways.
A Tribal Clan Mother can pick this plant and use it from roots to flower.
The flower can be cooked with the three sisters, the roots are used with Kinnick~ Kinnick and for medicine.
The stems were user for some of the crafts and our Friendship pipes.
Native Americans in the east were making friendship pipes for their ceremony's long before first contact (the time when Europeans first showed up on our shores).
Squash plants stem corn cob friendship pipe were also used to make pipes.
The Squash plant and the Corn cob must be completely dry, the use of a porcupine needle to clean out the stem, a sharp stone or bone will clean out the cob however, one would now use a modern tool of the trade.
Anyone in the tribe can make these pipes however, before they could be used in sacred ceremonies it had to be properly awakened by a Spiritual leader.
The pipe is awakened by this leader by correctly presenting it to Creator for permission and a blessing.
Calumet (Pipestone) peace pipes are Plains Indian pipes!
INDIAN CALUMET: The Pipe of Peace
By Christopher Nyerges
We have been to Pipestone.
Pipestone National Monument.
However, as an Eastern Woodland American Native, I never touched the stone until after leaving, (when gifted).
How did Native Americans clean their pipes?
If this is at an Eastern Woodland American Native Ceremonial pipe, the pipe is never cleaned as a European would clean a pipe, a pipe keeper will either take the pipe out or pass it to a trusted student of the pipe, to Mother Earth and by way of our sacred ceremony, give the tobacco (Kinnick~ Kinnick) back to her, Mother Earth.
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