Evil spirits Coyote, Trickster and Powwows.

Once again not all spirits are evil!
Some spirits are wandering around looking for help on ways to the path home to our ancestors, these spirits were in the wrong place at the wrong time, they will never hurt you.
Please seek ways to help these spirits find and travel on the journey back to Creator with our ancestors.
This is a follow up on my April 25th blog article on Evil spirits Coyote, Trickster and Powwow spirits.
In today's thinking a powwow is a place for Native Americans to invite everyone to come, enjoy a day a weekend or a week in fun and games.
However, Native Americans, at least, throughout the New England area, were handed down from elder to elder, from a time just after first contact, the knowledge about the real Powwow, an evil spirit sent to the people by the Trickster/Coyote, non natives call the devil.
The Evil spirit Trickster and his sub spirits will do anything that a person allows them to do to take prayers from them ( the people ) to Creator.
Because of the abuse, sometime with death, from non natives looking for a way into our Paw~paus, natives changed the name to powwow, then allowed everyone in to this non sacred ceremony.
A little more in-put.
Go to~ What is a Powwow or Paw~paus
Tuesday, June 21th, 2011.

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