Smudging in Ledyard Connecticut

Basically, Smudging is just like everything else in the Culture and Ceremonies of an Eastern Woodland New England and most other tribes throughout Indian Country.

A prayer for a Blessing from Creator (Kiehtan), for something that Creator has already given before you even ask.

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Smudging and why?


Not sure why you came to our site from Connecticut with two of the largest Casino Indian Reservations in your state to ask?

Although one might be inclined to guess!


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Stealing Sacred Native American Tribal Lands

Republicans In Bid To Steal Sacred Native American Tribal Lands

August 16, 2016

Republicans Lay Groundwork To Strike A Blow To Native Americans Here is more proof that Republicans hold nothing sacred –…



Native American ‘Traditional Gathering’ Agreements Could Be Eliminated

There are eleven Southern California Native American tribes who have “traditional gathering” agreements to collect “subsistence items and basket weaving materials.” This includes acorns, nuts, cactus apples, and medicinal plants. Furthermore, Native American tribal members also occasional request for other items. These requests are then weighed against existing regulations and environmental laws.

As Sapp says, they “do the most good” with the resources available. And he believes that the federal government is doing well with the land management.

The GOP land-grabbers did allow for some public lands to remain open for “appropriate activities like hunting, fishing, and recreational shooting.” But there were very little specifications on which lands would be available. Because of that, tribal agreements like the one held in the San Bernardino National Forest could just disappear.

And this attempted land grab is one of many reasons why Donald Trump isn’t popular among Native American tribes.

Donald Trump Could Grant Greedy GOP Wishes

Trump has been pretty vague on his own positioning, which should surprise absolutely zero people. And it’s varied, as well — which should also surprise no one. Back in January, he seemed to be against the idea. Trump wasn’t sure if the state would “keep the lands great.”

And yes, that is an actual quote.

But Trump toed the party line pretty closely in May. His chief policy adviser mentioned a “shared governance structure.” This would give states and local governments more power in how land is managed. And it would allow for more development around certain areas in the west, as well as give companies better access to minerals.

Then Trump then told Congress to “get on board.” This is seen as an endorsement of weakening or eliminating federal control over those lands.

Democrats Will Take A Stand For Native American Rights

But Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party stand in stark contrast to the GOP position. She dismissed the very idea as an “ideological argument” from the GOP.

Why Respect your Elders?

Welcome to Unknown Texas
Teaching Native American respect of elders
AQUINE (Peace to you)

Welcome to the visitor to some of my teaching websites and blog postings looking for answers to their questions about
Respect your elders?

When you hear or read about an elder saying that we must get back to the old ways, they are not asking you to do away with anything, just learn how they lived before this extremely fast moving lifestyle.

Enjoy everything in today's world good for you and dump everything bad for you,

However, by respecting and learning from the elders could also be of help to you on your path through this life.
Just a short 75 years ago in the land of Uncasvillage, as I was growing up, every person, man, woman or child was the elder of anyone in the tribe younger than they were.

Even a 5 or 6 year old seeing a child younger about to get in trouble or get hurt would come to the rescue by teaching, why it would be wrong.

One should always teach with a loving heart, not a big stick!

Starting today, stop, sit and listen to an elder speak about life as they were growing up around their elders.

Let us remember all of our elders, native and non natives if not for elders we would not be here.

If not for the teaching of our elders, we would still be living in trees.

Native Americans honor your elders at celebrations.

What a great idea, Respect our elders?

I am pleased to be able to teach as much as possible about my traditional ancestors.

As you may or may not see while traveling around the internet, some teaching about our people will not compute with what the elders taught as the truth, many times often taught by non native people or not from my tribe!

Please remember that all questions about the websites and blogs will be answered by

Shechaim Ohjieshan Walkingfox

sachemwalkingfox at gmail.com


sachemwalkingfox at outlook.com

Also please stop by for awhile at my main blog posting.


by my webmaster

Taw-but-ni (Thank-you) for your questions


Herbs or/and 'Natural' Cigarettes'

Herbs or/and 'Natural' Cigarettes'
Welcome Grandville Michigan
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Tobacco (Herbs) as a Traditional Native American Gift


While it is true that your state (Michigan) is east of the Mississippi River and on the 'Great Lakes,' the birthplace of my people, south of Canada.

It is far enough away from our people and so close to their neighboring tribes, you must see that ceremonies and culture of our people might differ.

As told to me by the elders of The Moiigans (Maïngan – Yáw – Wolf-People).

Shechaim Ohjieshan Tallfox, after many Crossing Ceremonies because of smoking cigarettes banned 'Natural' Cigarettes' from all of our ceremonies.

All of our ceremonies now use Kinnick-Kinnick (a group of Herbs).


Google Mountain View California

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Welcome Melbourne Florida and the World


I would like to be able to answer many, many more visitors from your server.

However, I cannot, because your server is not telling me who, what, when or where visitors are coming from and what their questions are?

As I have stated for years, I like it, actually, I love it when you write.

As long as there is one person asking one question
one person around capable of answering that question truthfully,
even if the answer is

"I do not know."

Our people cannot be completely assimilated,
our ancestors will not be forgotten.
Remember, old people like,

yours truly,

now retired to places like California and Florida,
do not understand your analyzer, Microsoft or WordPress states.

We understand and can afford trackers.
(a free tracker by the way)!

In this case I see that the question was from your Google Server,
found out that it came from Google Mountain View California.

However most of the time I just see that the question was from Google?
Yes, I do use your Google site?