Welcome to the Scottish Common Services Agency

Welcome to the 
Scottish Common Services Agency 
Glasgow, Glasgow City, United Kingdom

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So sorry my friend from over the pond 
 (Atlantic Ocean),
 this is a discontinued site from tripod.
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Welcome to Seoul-tukpyolsi, Korea

Welcome to Seoul-tukpyolsi, Korea
To a posting that I have been begging to answer for a long time at

Welcome to our visitor 
Seoul, Seoul-tukpyolsi, Korea.
The Last of the Mohican
I do understand that a great actor (The film star Daniel Day-Lewis), came to visit and as with every place he goes he made a good impression.
If it was possible,
any average Mohiigan tribal member 
would also love to visit and 
hopefully even teach our ancestors while learning about your ancestors.
The film howbeit interesting, so are my people.
As usual my new friends, 
ask questions and we will be pleased to answer?
The problem with learning about our
‘True Traditionalist ancestors’
is being able to find a
‘True Traditionalist Descendent of our Ancestors’!
Because although there are thousands through-out the New England Area 
still holding yearly gatherings, 
each tribe is too poor to get noticed by the news media!


Speaker of the House

There are perhaps many young soldiers capable of becoming
Nancy Pelosi is not your average
 ‘Old White Retired Republican’ 
dammed to follow the demons within 
kneeling at the feet of a dreamer
 reincarnated Mussolini/Hitler!
Nancy Pelosi, ‘God Bless Her’ is an old workhorse (42 years), formed by the same hands that made 
Judge Ruth Ginsburg, President Jimmy Carter, Senator John McCain, Senator Bill Nelson, 
 so many more that did not spend (your tax money),
 on their wealth;
 they are spending their lives in servitude to you, country, family, Americans everywhere and the world!
Curse on those that are willing to throw this wealth of knowledge on how to make our lives on this planet better for a slim chance to better our lives come 2020.
At the very least we (Democrats), need to hold some kind of televised debate of top choices 
 keep Nancy on until others get their chance to run?
Nancy  Pelosi is an American politician serving as the Minority Leader of the United States House of Representatives since 2011.
After the Democrats lost House control in the 2010 elections, Pelosi was elected as the Democratic Leader 
by House Democrats and therefore the Minority Leader

 in the Republican-controlled House from 2011 to 2019.
During and after her tenure as Speaker, Pelosi was perceived as a contentious political figure, 
with Republican candidates frequently trying to tie their Democratic opponents to Pelosi and with moderate Democrats seeking to show their moderate bona fides by expressing opposition to Pelosi. 
Pelosi is expected to run for Speaker of the House of Representatives[3] on the opening of the 116th U.S. Congress on January 3, 2019. If reelected Speaker, Pelosi would become the seventh individual to return to the Speakership on non-consecutive terms of office and the first since Sam Rayburn in 1955


Washington School Information Processing Cooperative

Welcome to Washington School Information Processing Cooperative

Kirkland, Wishington
To one of our postings about a Traditionalists.
What is a Native American Traditionalist?
I believe, this is one of the top 5 questions to be asked to all of the ‘First People of the Land’!
Every elder in every tribe, nation, or whatever they so chose to call themselves now, should be able to answer this question with pride in themselves, their people, ancestors, ceremonies and culture?
This is another site if you wish?
What is a Native American Traditionalist?

Welcome to our visitor from Indianapolis, Indiana

I have been around
 'the circle' 
many times and could never get the chance to take a picture 
(very limited parking).

Welcome to our visitor from Indianapolis, Indiana
To one of many posting about our naming ceremony at
Sacred Naming Ceremony Protocol

Thanks to my 'honey' I have been to the gathering at (IU), three times and enjoyed each one of them.
Please remember
Tribes on the East coast and Tribes in central and the West coast, may have different types of ceremonies.