Money is like Cancer

If left untreated it can cause some humans to go stupid!
Take, for instance,
“Throw enough money at some scientist 
and they can get stupid”.
People believe that, somehow the chemicals in Vaping,
like for instance, nicotine, are harmless to humans.
chemicals, like nicotine in cigarettes, are killing humans?
Late night drinking,
hit and runs, murder after dark, women abuse from drunks, robberies,
are not connected!
"Humans are not the main cause 
of the loss of another Glacier"!
Every time voting citizens of America 
ask questions like,
“When will we rebuild our
 ‘infrastructure’ in this country”?
Government officials hire 
their chosen people, to do a study on the subject,
‘At the taxpaying public’s expense’!
(1, A) 
E-Cigarettes are harming humans!
The key difference between traditional cigarettes
is that e-cigarettes don’t contain tobacco.  
it isn’t just the tobacco in cigarettes that causes cancer.
Traditional cigarettes contain a laundry list of chemicals 
that are proven harmful,
e-cigarettes have some of these same chemicals.
They do have many chemicals!
Late night ‘Drunk’!
are more likely to be on the road at night.
Nighttime drivers need to be vigilant and on the look-out 
for these major auto accident causers.
is another added danger on the 
roadways at night as people are
generally winding down their days and growing sleepy
Drivers that fall asleep at the wheel, 
or even ones that are dazed and unobservant, 
can cause fatal car accidents.  
Remember when drinking was shut down by 8PM?
Glaciers are quickly dying!
Now you see it, now you don’t
Potholes in and on our infrastructure!
Every government official in our towns, cities, states and our federal government,
hire their (questionable professionals)
to do a test?
Before the late 1980s
our governments cared more for
 'We the People'
'Money in their Pockets'!
Lets dump the 
'scum polluting our governments' 
and get back to
"America for the People"!


Marco Island, Florida

Marco Island, Florida
Native American Wedding Ceremony (Traditional)
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Is a Friendship pipe used at a Wedding ceremony?


Why did Creator create creation?

Answer, among other reasons 

Why did Creator create 'Human Creation'?

To walk in love with Creator.


If we are not walking in love with Creator?

Nothing that has not been told by thousands of natives of the land fearing retaliation from  'Big Brother'!

If your are not on any,

True Traditionalist Census form,

(Friend and/or Follower),
Tweeter, Face Book, Word Press and so on.
you are an

(undocumented immigrant on this land).


always welcome to this land unless, you cause problems on this land!

An undocumented immigrant that has violated immigration requirements,

but is still a legal person under the law on our census foam,

as is anyone under the jurisdiction of the census form.

The census form was written to prevent governments from

defining any human being as anything less than a person.

If you are the cause of problems on this land, you are no longer welcome on this land!

For instance;

you arrest any person causing 'no problem' on this land you do not belong on this land!

If you separate families without permission of any 'True Traditionalist Census form'

you do not belong on this land!

If you harass anyone on this land for no reason,

you do not belong on this land!

If you are a trouble maker while on this land,

you do not belong on this land!


Welcome to the visitor from Tucson, Arizona

Welcome to the visitor from Tucson, Arizona

I have passed through the (Diné Bikéyah), ‘Proud Navajo Nation’ 
four times on my trips out west, 
good people, no questioning about their blood?
I did not see a question or comment 
from your visit to
Native American Blood Myth
As states in the above post,
“In tribes over on the east coast of the land, 
a Creator given name (prayer to Creator name),
that name is between Creator and creation for prayer 
(talking with Creator)”.
The ‘Blood Myth Joke’ is 
the ‘Authoritarian Nation’ 
and any 
‘weak tribe’!
My ‘Question or Comment’ is
“Why would any ‘True Descendent of a Traditional Tribe of the First People of this Land’ 
need permission to call themselves 
a ‘Decedent’ of the First People of the Land”?
"Wouldn’t this be what is called as (ˌäksəˈmôrˌän)"?

(A figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction)


Enough already get off my land!

ICE was formed because of 911, 
not to be a tool to rid 

trump and 

‘Moscow Mitch’s enemies, 
namely (Poor People)!
Every member of ICE is an ‘Immigrant’ 
and as such, 
I want them arrested and escorted off of my land!
CBS News August 8, 2019, 9:37 AM
Sobbing 11-year-old girl begs for dad's release 
after massive ICE raid
During the raids, several hundred agents surrounded the perimeters of the food processing centers to prevent people from leaving. 
One by one, the agents forced workers to put all their belongings into plastic bags and then tied their wrists together with plastic bands
The agents then put them onto buses and brought them to a 
Mississippi National Guard processing center to await their fate. 
The 11-year-old and other children of those arrested 
stayed at a community center gymnasium overnight.
The organization is composed of two law enforcement directorates (HSI and ERO) and several support divisions each headed by a director who reports to an Executive Associate Director.[15] The divisions of ICE provide investigation, interdiction and security services to the public and other law enforcement partners in the federal and local sectors.
The Director of ICE is appointed at the sub-cabinet level 
by the 
and reports directly to the