Sometimes, the most important thing you can do

Sometimes, the most important thing you can do
for a
 in crisis.
Here are resources to help:

Welcome to the Veterans Crisis Line Website

Let us not ever forget the homeless veterans that today's governments, states and federal, in the United States of America are sweeping into the woods (in and around our country)!


Native Americans are waking up to president ********

Native Americans are waking up to president ****Hole

Indians in Indian country are waking to what
we in Native American Country
knew all along.

Their president is a lying, cheating, backbiting, **** Hole, on Mother Earth!

Remember, brothers and sisters,
you helped vote this into the Oval Office!

Trump attacks on National Monuments rips Native American culture from history!

Two proclamations to remove protections from more than 2 million acres of Bears Ears

Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monuments
in Utah.
This illegal action would be the largest elimination of protected areas in U.S. history.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke released a report recommending 
changes to

Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument in Northern California,
and allowing
uses like mining, logging and drilling in protected areas.

It’s now clear that over the coming weeks, your president
will issue more proclamations
that aim to eliminate protections
precious lands and ocean areas.

Zinke’s report
eight more national monuments
in the crosshairs,
meaning that tens of millions more acres of public lands and ocean areas could soon be sold out for
mining, drilling, industrial-scale commercial fishing and logging.

****** Congress
holds its nose
the ****head flushes
****hole down the toilet!

I always enjoy these question Sheridan, Wyoming

Welcome to Sheridan, Wyoming

Tobacco (Herbs) as a Traditional Native American Gift

I always enjoy this question because it gives me an honest chance to vent frustration against cigarettes.

Please always remember the distance from the little village of my ancestors and the area of the visitor, in this case Wyoming, looking for an answer?

I write to help our people keep the ancestors ways alive in the hearts and minds of our people and try to help correct some miss understandings in print lately.

That said

Please also remember that while our ancestors were using their herbs (Kinnick-Kinnick), there was no such thing as the chemicals being used by modern tobacco companies to get you hooked at spending your hard earned money just to die a horrible death smoking their poison cigarettes!

Sorry and thank you for allowing the venting.
I have watched far too many of my friends die this death from their cigarettes.


Herbs from your area can be found all around your area, please contact a Clan Mother from a tribe in or around your area for the correct use of your herbs?

Smithfield, Rhode Island

Welcome to Smithfield, Rhode Island
Looking for information about 
(Friendship Pipe or Peace Pipe)?

Storey (Page)
Children's storey
Name has been changes to reflect the name of the child and his travel.

We are the last of the royal family

We are the Storey Clan, descendants of the Mohiigan an Algonquin Speaking American Native people of Turtle Island and Uncas, the first Sachem of the Mohiigan's.

If you will or nowadays even able to, please check your native history.

The New England area did not use a peace pipe for a very good reason,
the Euro-American invaders were not looking for peace, and they only wanted land
and our
people off of it.

The proof is in the pudding as the old saying goes.

They took our land and most of the ‘First People of the land’ are gone.

A Friendship pipe was used intertribal!

The' Sacred Pipe' was used for 'Sacred Ceremonies'.


Welcome France

Welcome to France and thank you for a couple of visits.
Respecting Elders

Respect can and in my mind does in compress many ways to post.

As you see, this is one of them.

I appeal to you, because your country, as will as the rest of the 'Free World,' are outside of this spider web of corruption in government.

Fast food past time jobs

like trumps Mc Donald's,
do not help anyone below the top 10% rich in any country!


If we can take the past accomplishments from past presidents.

President Dwight Eisenhower
for instance, put people to work
(full time with benefits).

He put people to meaningful jobs
our infrastructure and cut crime to close to “0”!
Someone in government can become the real hero,
instead of
everyone in government
by appeasing their president,
keep putting out his
"Fake News about Junk Jobs"!