Can Donald Trump followers brag about this?

Why I as a father, grandfather, great-grandfather, uncle a
just plain protector of our youth
love the Clinton Family
am pushing for another
eight years of a Clinton
 in the Whitehouse
pushing to also protect our youth
'Big Business,
greedy politicians!
Hillary Clinton goes back in time (1)

Hillary Clinton goes back in time ad (2)

Lifelong fight for children
Sunday, Sep 25th 2016

Hillary Clinton lays out fight

Hillary Clinton goes back in time ad (3)

Hillary Clinton goes back in time ad (4)

Hillary Clinton goes back in time ad (5)

Hillary Clinton goes back in time ad (6)

Role Models / Donald Trump


Griswold Senior High School

Not real sure which of the five you are looking for however,
the five below, Religion, Culture, Traditions, Beliefs and Spirituality
are all basic for our people from in and around your area
(Moiigan/ People)

Welcome Griswold Senior High School Jewett City, Connecticut

To one of our posting

Native American Religion, Culture, Traditions, Beliefs and Spirituality


Beliefs and Spirituality in our culture are the same
and one could call them a religion,
we do not.

The Traditions of our people,
(The true traditionalist people of our/your land).

Is what I have been trying to write about over the last 60 of 70 years
starting from my school systems of Connecticut


continuing to today through our websites and blogs.

Native American Religion, Culture, Traditions, Beliefs and Spirituality

This would seem to be a long gone period that people like me could only reminisce about.


While reading this website one would have to agree with her.

Mortal Indian, Immortal Manifest Destiny

Wambli Sina Win (a Rosebud Lakota) is correct to be speaking for all of the tribes past and present, because since first contact the indigenous peoples of Indian country has dwindled down to around 500 tribes recognized and at least as many not recognized by this government!

I can speak with true knowledge from my people about the treatment of our graves, because we had to allow a giant cement grave stone to be built in a place where people could think that our great Sachem Chief Unkas is buried for fear that someday it will be disturbed. He, nor any of the ancestors were ever buried in that place.

Only a few Traditionalist will ever know
the true resting place
of our first leader and first ancestors!

The owners of the cemetery were my people
were buried found my grandfathers site


Native American Day

This Friday is Native American Day.
For some it is just a day off from school or work.

For others it is just another,
but for a large population that lives very near here
this day is their day to be recognized.

There will be powwows, gatherings and celebrations filled with dancers, feathers, salmon and dried meats.

For the most part, most of us won’t even notice;

but for our neighbors, it is a day for them to embrace their heritage and traditions and try and teach us a little bit about their true ancestry.

So one this day,
I, a non-native,
will celebrate their accomplishments and their peoples’ past.

We all should, and should embrace what they have to offer us.

We should take a proper look at history and remember it for what it is and what has happened.

We don’t have to be proud of that past but we must recognize it not just on this day, but every day.
 By Jesse Utz

Our Native American Day
Over on the east coast
(Thursday, November 24), this year.

An annual tradition since 1970,
Day of Mourning is a solemn, spiritual and highly political day.
Many of us fast from sundown the day before
through the afternoon of that day

(and have a social after Day of Mourning so that participants in DOM can break their fasts).

We are mourning our ancestors and the genocide of our peoples and the theft of our lands. NDOM is a day when we mourn, but we also feel our strength in political action.

Over the years, participants in Day of Mourning have buried Plymouth Rock a number of times. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Day_of_Mourning_(United_States_protest)


School is in again 2016

Remember, Shechaim Ohjieshan will not do your homework,
not out of trickery but out of love.

You cannot learn a thing
other than
how to watch someone doing your work

No one is willing to pay you to do that 24/7

What is on our websites and blogs is for everyone to read about our people, this might not be a correct statement with tribes in your are. Aquine

Snohomish, Washington

Six visits to one of our postings about a ceremony.

Native American birth rituals


Must be from a school?

Interesting, this is about as far from our people as one can get and still be in this country.

All are always welcome I was just wondering why, from who and did you get your answer?

Sparta, Wisconsin


Native American birth rituals


South Sioux City, Nebraska

Sacred Naming Ceremony Protocol


Stafford Springs, Connecticut

Chicopee Massachusetts


Free Water Testing

New Wales Mosaic plant in Polk County, Florida
Free Water Testing.

How tap water became toxic
in Flint, Michigan

How many times
did the
Pacific Gas and Electric
test their own water before they were forced to tell the truth

California aquifers
with billions of gallons
of fracking
California Aquifers Contaminated
With Billions Of Gallons
Fracking Wastewater
The Edwards Aquifer
is one of the most
valuable water resources
 in the central Texas area.

This aquifer provides water for municipal, industrial, and agricultural uses.

A number of cities rely on the aquifer as their only source of drinking water.
This same thing is happening in
South Dakota,
and on and on, and on.

The Keystone XL pipeline will pollute
the Ogallala Aquifer
it leaks
and so far the company building the pipe
has an (F) rating as for their pipes leaking!

Can we in Florida get a second opinion of our testing?
The reason why I ask now is,
We already know, even before the test, that it will be coming back,

 OK. to drink water.

Mosaic plant owner to pay for testing of neighboring wells.

70 neighbors have signed up for testing of their water, how many have well, how many are from the city?

Who is going to do this 'Free Testing' paid for by the owner of the company?

How many more neighbors should be signing up for a 'Free Test of their water?