Bridgeport Public Schools Bridgeport, Connecticut

Welcome Bridgeport Public Schools
I have a question for you 
before I answer your question.
Why is there a fire in any circle at powwows?
Guess what.
Want a shocking discovery 

about the ceremonies 
of the native people around your area?
Keep on reading.
Welcome to the student from Bridgeport Public Schools
Bridgeport, Connecticut
One of many of our posts 
about the Native Americans 
in and/or around your school.
It is a good day when I open my tracker 
to find any school system looking for
‘true information about
Indian and/or Native American Country culture/Ceremonies'.
Not to be too selfish, 
it is a better day 
when the question is about our people,
 the first people of this land 
(Native Americans).
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Keeper of the Fire after Grand Entry
Native American Sacred Fire Keeper Duties
For my question,
‘Fire in a circle?
If you check the internet, 
there are thousands of posting about Indians 
(Native to the Land), 
some are even written by Native People!
The ancestors of the Native People around your state
(New England Area),
‘did not have a fire in a circle’
at their gatherings!
The Fire at our gatherings represents
Creator is not on the land in question.
Although always watching, 
Creator wants to be invited to join creations for a dance or two.
In the ‘Gathering of the people’ (Paw-paus), the fire was ‘always’ in the West, the opening to the circle is ‘always’ from the East.
One would go to the West, pray for a blessing and then go to the East.

If you wish more information?

Please just ask.


Welcome to my visitor from Busan, Pusan-jikhalsi

Welcome to my visitor from 

Busan, Pusan-jikhalsi, 

Republic of Korea
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Welcome Aboard Mates

This web site is a tribute to the USS Betelgeuse
my years in the US Navy 
the many great mates who served with me!
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I hope that you found what you were looking for?
If not please write, I will always answer.


Another ‘Christian Missionary Invader’!

A (Christian missionary), 
is believed to have paid fishermen to ferry him to
 North Sentinel Island, home to a 30,000-year-old tribe 
known to aggressively repel outsiders, 
so that he can save their people 
from themselves?.
Keep-Out means Keep-Out!
My people, what’s left of us, are from the New England Area (New York, New Jersey, Delaware), for the most part decimated by people trying to help their god save people?
As for people ‘Created by our Creator’ of the ‘Heavens and the Earth’ do not need your forced on help!
Your gods 
need help 
gathering members.
The Creator of all does not!
Your Christian Bible shows you that a ‘Loving God’ has a plan for all creation, even 
(the Sentinelese even you)!

Epidemics of European-introduced disease 
reduced the population of 
Native Americans in New England by 90 percent between 1615 and 1633.
Large populations of Native Americans 
were wiped away during the colonial period 
when they contracted illnesses including smallpox.
Diseases included typhus (typhus fever or spotted fever), malaria and encephalitis.
Dysentery and hypernatremia otherwise known as salt poisoning also posted a notable threat.
Smallpox was also a sinister threat at the time.
One epidemic of smallpox in colonial Williamsburg from 1747 to 1758 affected 754 people. 

All of this by invaders, 
which made it much easier to run

 'roughshod over the entire

 'Western Hemisphere!


Merchantville, New Jersey

Welcome to the Merchantville, New Jersey visitor
To yet another extremely important posting about our people,
(The Mohiigans (Maïngan – Yáw – Wolf-People).
Traditional Native American (Indian) Burial Information
Remember, at this time with family, friends and tribal members, it is comforting, as comfortable as possible, to hold a gathering to allow everyone some kind of peace knowing that Creator is pleased to come down off the throne, take your loved one by the hand to travel the road home!
We call this a ‘Crossing ceremony’!
This is also why a true Traditional Native American Spiritual Leader wishes to follow rather than be first in a ‘Burial ceremony’.
It is the hope that any ‘religious origination personal’ will have information seekers, willing to stick around and see that we are not the ‘savages’ pictured in so many olden movies!
God, Allah, YHWH יהוה and Creator
are all loved and revered by creation, as it should be


Xianyou, Fujian, China

Welcome to our visitor 
from the beautiful city of
 Xianyou, Fujian
To our site at
So sorry my friend 
thanks to tripod,
 this site is no longer usable!
However; for your reading this tribe does have other sites with our information?
Moiigans (Maïngan) News
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