Never vote for someone that stares at an eclipse!

A.M. Joy said;
Never vote for someone that stares at an eclipse!
I say;
trump staring at an eclipse is O.K.
because one cannot fry the brain of a rotten egg!

Hillsboro, Oregon

Welcome to our Hillsboro, Oregon visitor
To a posting on our ceremonies
Pequins (Pequot)/ Mohiingan (Mohegan) prayers at our ceremonies
And a page about our ceremonies
"Crossing Page"
First please remember that there are many tribes in and around you state?
This said; 
all are always welcome to read, ask questions and comment about our people and our culture.
As for the post, I believe that few things irritates Creator more then a creation standing for 30’ to 45’ 
saying nothing just to impress a captive audience!
while speaking with your Creator, 
Creator already knows why you ‘rang the bell’ 
so speak as if you knew this and enjoy the visit?
As for our Crossing Ceremony, all of our ceremonies are Creators way to help you through what ceremony you are in at the time, your loved one is already on the path to Creator.

I also have a dream

The first people of this land got it right years before 'first contact'!
(Algonquin Native People).
44 presidents made their way through schooling of some kind!
2 more presidents 
(#43A and #45A),
were cheated by their opposing corrupt political party however, each did make it through their schooling!
And then we have #45?
It is way past time to vote our political system back to what our forefathers had planned for you and your country!
All laws that allow our congress to pass a law
designed to corrupt the system as has been done in the past
must be changes and then only accepted into a law by
a majority vote from the voting citizens of this country!
Because of congress being able to corrupt the system,
the senate, the Supreme Court and most of our judges
get placed by congress instead of the voting citizens of this country!
USA Citizens must vote out 
all super-packs and any money into a politician’s coffer!
Any citizen running for any office must not be able to use her or his money
unless providing the same amount to her or his opponent!
This way any citizen has the right and the capability
to get elected, poor, middle-class or the rich!


Thank you England and India for your visit

The First People are still the Last People!
Welcome to my visitors from
Billingham, England, United Kingdom
Pune, Maharashtra, India
Hyderabad, Telangana, India
To a very important post about the ‘First People of the America’s’!
“There are not enough Native American faces in leadership positions,”
Truth be known;
ever since ‘First Contact with the Euro-Americans’ our people of ‘Indian Country/Native American country’
Have been treated as savages below the life of their pets, and  their slaves, today this is still the case!
“There’s the rub”

Think about it?

Our people are still at the bottom of any list that is looking to help govern our land (country)!
Unless we agree to cancel past treaties and join ‘Government Controlled Casinos’
our people are placed on land worthless to the ‘Euro-Americans’ and abused,
the rest are still being assimilated into the ‘Poor-Class of Americans’!
How much of this,
the largest stimulus package of 
2 trillion dollars, 
will be going to help 
the poorest class of people?

Love and blessings from
Creator to You All
Shechaim Ohjieshan
“Don’t get scared,
It’s your country, take it back”!
“This is our Watch”!


“There are not enough Native American faces in leadership positions,”

“There are not enough Native American faces in leadership positions,”
who noted that numerous organizations like the
already exist to help support minority candidates. 
The group threw its support behind 
Haaland in the Democratic primary and Davids in the general election, 
running ads that highlighted both candidates’ progressive agendas and personal stories.
It worked. 
Both Haaland and Davids, the only two candidates 7Gen Leaders backed in 2018, 
won their races, and the group is hoping for a repeat in 2020.