South Yarmouth, Massachusetts

Welcome to our visitor
South Yarmouth,

To one of our postings about our
(Pipe Ceremony).
Our sacred prayers at ceremonies
The only question asked as often as a question about Native American tobacco on my tracker is a question about our sacred prayers at ceremonies!

Thank-you for your visit.
This site has been sitting
 far too long,
just waiting for someone
 like you my friend.

You should find a true spiritual teacher in your area if possible.

We are now retired to Florida
 I would be proud to teach
the ancestors ways
 in person


Yellowstone Supervolcano Explodes.

If the Yellowstone Supervolcano Explodes.
It looks like
If we keep 'Fracking' in this country

 it will soon be called the
United States of Key west Florida
Amid a growing
 swarm’ of earthquakes (now over 1000),

that the so-called
at the heart of Yellowstone National Park
could be building towards a Category 7 eruption


Welcome Portland, Oregon

Welcome to our visitor from Portland, Oregon
(Indian Country).
To one of our postings
(Native American Country),
about our Naming Ceremony.

Sacred Naming Ceremony Protocol

Always glad to see visitors to our blogs and the Main Website.

This time a little correction is needed about our herb, Kinnick-Kinnick if you will.

A correction in the spelling of this herb.

Please remember the distance between your state and our people, hence the words Indian Country and Native American Country.

I am sure that Indians in and around your state have different ceremonies in their culture.

I am not sure in what state Author Shelagh Dillon lives in, so this might be the way it is spelled by the First People in and around her state?


The March of Dimes paid this in full

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is a Monster
 Why you might be asking?
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is
The March of Dimes paid in full
Mitch McConnell's hospital stay
for Polio as a child
until he was completely healthy.
 to understand how terrible this is, first you need to indulge me and listen to a story.
You see, way back in 1944, when Mitch McConnell was only 2 years old, he contracted polio.
The disease, which often paralyzed those it affected, hit McConnell hard and threatened his ability to walk,
but thanks to

the hospital in Warm Springs, Georgia,
that was funded by the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis (NFIP), a charity started
FDR to treat people with polio,
McConnell was able to recover and live a normal life and grow up to become a senator.
Well, as you know, McConnell and his cohorts in the Senate have been drafting legislation in secret that will take health care away from
millions and millions of Americans.
They've been doing so with no public hearings, no public debate, while refusing to meet with patients' groups that wanted to get the senator's ear about how this legislation could negatively affect, you know, sick people.
Among the groups
the American Lung Association,
the American Heart Association,
the American Diabetes Association,
the March of Dimes.
Thank you


Shechaim Ohjieshans Healthcare Plan

Shechaim Ohjieshans Healthcare Plan
Did you know that the Affordable Care Healthcare Program

is forcing members of congress
to buy a plan in the program

As soon as they get rid of the program
they get to go back to

Our plan is

Every citizen and wannabe citizen, in this country.

(E V E R Y O N E).

Old, young and anyone in-between.

White, Brown, Red, Yellow and anyone in-between.

Republican, Democratic, Independent and anyone in-between.

God forbid even members of Indian and Native American Country.

Should have the same healthcare as now enjoyed by congress!

Health Benefits for Members of Congress and Designated Congressional Staff: In Brief
If should be no problem for congress to figure-out
because their
'Healthcare Plan'
 has been Foolproof for years!