Golf Cart Man ran over "Endangered Sandhill Crane!"

Both he (Marvin Hicks) of  Spanish Village,
25501 Us Highway 27, Leesburg, FL
 And his girlfriend, while drunk
were laughing until they found out that
a neighbor was reporting them!


my friends, let's see what
the Florida Fish & Wildlife
plan on doing to this couple of
"Baby Killers!"
Remember our "Endangered Black Bears!"
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Murder most foul! Posted on May 28, 2016   

First, he said that,

"They were messing all over our golf course!"

Then he said,

"They were destroying the golf court!"

Mind you,
Cranes only pick up bugs and do not dig!

Then he said,

"I was only chasing them with my golf cart and could not stop."

Then he said,

"I didn't mean to kill that baby crane!"

This is what I believe happened,
if you listen to him talk to a reporter.

Both he and his girlfriend were drinking and thought that it would be fun
to terrorize the Sand Hill Crane Family!

Man ran over endangered Sandhill Crane with golf cart, neighbor says

By Matt Grant

Published May 27, 2016

LEESBURG, Fla. —Florida Fish and Wildlife has launched an investigation after someone ran over and killed a protected Sandhill crane on a golf course in Leesburg.

In between the sand traps are the Sandhill cranes. The protected birds share the course at Spanish Village in Leesburg, but that’s much to the dismay of one resident.

Speaking with WESH 2 News through his front door Friday, Marvin Hicks admits mowing down and killing one of the cranes with his golf cart.

Because the bird is federally protected and designated as a threatened species in Florida, Fish and Wildlife officials said he could go to jail.

Neighbor Jamie Phillips said she watched in horror with her 12-year-old son, as Hicks and another woman, chased down a family of cranes running over the smallest one because he said “they were defecating on the golf course and did not belong there,” according to Phillips.

Phillips, a bird lover, stayed with the dying crane. “I went over to check on the bird. Its neck was broken it was flopping around. It was terrible, it was very sad.”

FWC officials opened an investigation and said they're treating this seriously; saying whoever did this could be arrested, fined and charged with crimes including animal cruelty.

While Hicks said it was an accident, Phillips said the woman he was with was clapping at the time. She said both reeked of alcohol.

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