Native American Military ceremony.

Native Americans have been going to and coming home from wars for long before there was an America however, before first contact was a ceremony by my people. Receive a blessing upon leaving the village, first to make sure that they should be going to a war, if so asking Creators blessing on both sides of the conflict.
The head tribal mother ( Clan Mother) would assemble all of the women and children, form two lines for each warrior to pass between.
As the warrior passed they would throw herbs into the air over the warriors while in prayer to Creator for a safe return.
At the return from battle, a lookout ( always had an elder on lookout because the enemy could always circle back on that village) would send signals back to the village, the male elders would greet each warrior at the entrance of the village, while the head tribal women ( Clan Mother) once again assembled the women and children forming the two lines ready with the herbs and prayers.
After 1924, after being recognized as human and a citizens of this country, Native Americans have bravely served this land with true honor and deserve that recognition.

Sachem Tallfox a proud WW-2 Veteran,

Sachem Zeak wounded at the sub base before service and could not serve.
Sachem Walkingfox a proud Vietnam Veteran.

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