What is a Native American.

Happy Fathers day Dads.
What is an American Native, Indian, or Native American?
First we need to clear up just what is an Indian, Native, and America?
An Indian is anyone in or from India, period!
A Native is anyone born to a town, city, state or country.
A Native American is anyone born in America.
America is a continent, North and South.
What is our continent?
Our continent is the only one in question for this blog entry and is west of Europe and Africa and east of  Asia, south of the north pole and North of the South pole.
If you were born to this continent, you are a Native American.
An American native for the purpose of this blog  is anyone with an ancestor, white, red, yellow, black and anyone in between, that can be traced back to either the Vikings or west through  Alaska.
A native to America is anyone with ancestors back to the first family on the continent, North or South.
While growing up in and around Mohegan Village, for all but four years because, Uncle Sam said " We want you", everyone called me a Mohegan Indian, that is up until the area became the home of the casino Indians, now they call me a Native American.
So, for the purpose of this blog, call me an American Native or what a concept, call me Walkingfox.

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