A Native American (Indian) Soaugi (Funeral).

What is the significance of using tobacco in our funerals?

is used to
open our hearts to Creator.
For permission to have the ceremony.
To ask Creator to accept this person.

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Traditional Native American (Indian) Burial Information

The Eastern Woodland American Native Memorial service.

As stated while writing about Ceremonies, a memorial service (Soaugi) is not a ceremony as such.

There are well-over 500 tribe's still in Indian Country however, as with these ceremonies, they all have some type of funeral arrangement.

Our memorial service is not like most of the funerals that I have attended throughout the years.

That is not saying anything, good or bad, about any service.

If you care about and you tend to your loved ones, it is good.

This service is in two parts, not counting any religious service that may take place before ours.

As a Spiritual leader, asked to care for the loved one, it is preferred to allow any other religion first, to help avoid any chance adding to the family's grief.

The first part of our Soaugi will be with all that wish to attend, recording is allowed.

The friendship pipe is passed around, after some short prayers with the loved one.

Not sure that everyone knows, you do not have to smoke or even put the pipe to your lips, if you wish just hold the pipe in your right hand and touch some part of the pipe with your left hand
(you may or may not wish to  know that the left hand is closest to your heart),
pray if you wish and pass to the next in line.

If you are not sure if you can or should stay for the complete service, please rethink this, our loved ones while on the road with the ancestors to see Creator, are praying on that trip for your health and your future.

Very important, the 2nd part of the Soaugi is in around our loved one, allow room for those that wish to join in with the Spiritual leader around the area and be respectful.

 No recording.

This answer is for you Jack (Aquine)

Native American mourning beliefs

Questions are also being asked as to mourning of a crossing loved one.

The people in our area will love and miss our loved ones, elders, and ancestors, until we cross to be with them however, the traditionalist of my people know that Creator has called them home for a good reason, so we must 

be pleased for their good fortune while we grief.

Yes, all birds of prey are our brothers and sisters and are buried with the same love and ceremonies.

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