Native American Wedding Ceremony (Traditional)

Do you offer tobacco at a Native American wedding?


A good Traditional Spiritual Leader uses a lot of tobacco

(Kinnick ~ Kinnick)


Charges you nothing for the service.

So yes, a good traditional spiritual leader is always in need of the herbs

(Kinnick ~ Kinnick).

One should also remember that a tobacco gift given the correct way is a

Prayer for a blessing to the person receiving your gift, so you can gift this

herb anytime that you feel the need to.

Because a traditional Native American is always giving out this herb.

Receiving this herb is a blessing to the pocket.

Our gift given tobacco is

Kinnick~ Kinnick!


Shechaim Walkingfox with Tah, after wedding ceremony

American Native Wedding Family

Words from a Native American wedding ceremony?
At a time when the couple is ready and the wedding party is set around the prayer alter each in turn may exchange their love and vowels to each other, the female has the choice as to who will start first.
The Spiritual leader performing the blessed event, in our tribe, will first speak to Creator in our tongue, then English for each section of the wedding ceremony.
The words chosen by the couple with the acceptance are not as important as the words by the couple and the tribal sacred words from the Spiritual leader to the couple and Creator, what the words are of course is a very guarded secret sacred ceremony.
The Eastern Woodland American Native Wedding Ceremony, this must be said because this is only speaking about our people.
There are still over 500 tribes in Indian Country
That have permission to be recognized and at least as many that the government is still trying to eliminate by not recognizing.
There are about 500 ways they may have to their native weddings; I have been to many of them.
Our wedding ceremony, a Traditional Wedding, should be something like many of the others however; it is not like the Funeral ceremony, because the public may enjoy the complete ceremony with the permission of the couple.
The beginning and ending prayer, like most sacred prayers should never be recorded, this is the leader and the couples request for marriage to Creator and thanks to Creator after the ceremony.
The prayer can be filmed just not the words. Only the Spiritual leader and the couple need the Creators blessing at the beginning, Creator at the end of the ceremony will bless everyone.
If you are being groomed for our ceremony please understand, this can take from a few days to at least a month.
By studying correctly you will knowing that you will be blessed, remember; only Creator can bless!
Someone, in the favor with the couple, should gift a blanket; this person must also attend at least some of the pre ceremony.
Everyone gifting at the time of and with the permission of the Spiritual leader and the couple should attend at least some of the pre ceremony.
Sometimes the families and/or friends wish to gift a Turtle Rattle, Regalia, Headpiece, Sage, Sweet grass, and/or Tobacco for the ceremony.
As with the funeral ceremony, both families can asked to help with the meal after.
Anyone asked to, can join in the meal and whatever plans after the wedding.
Native American pre marriage ceremonies
The pre marriage meetings for our people is not a requirement for marriage, it is a request from the spiritual leader.
At this meeting the couple and any member of the soon to be wedding, will learn everything that will take place on that blessed day, the couple and any person directly involved will then know what is expected of them by Creator during the wedding.
The couple will learn where to stand and why, will learn about the regalia and why it is used and all of the sacred blessings from Creator through your ancestors.
That said, please remember, whatever happens during the wedding will not be judged, after all it is a fun, loving, first day for the rest of your lives.


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