THE FOUR SACRED CORNERS. (Shehukte Kina Konacya).

Four Directions (Shehukte Kina kihouk) is not the same as four corners, four directions is speaking about a balance of good and evil being controlled by Mother Earth.
A question was asked of me so, because I use the words "Sacred Four Corners", I need to explain.
Please keep in mind that we have never and will never go into the many sacred ceremonies in writings because they are our Sacred Ceremonies.
Everything in an American Native's ( Native American) culture is with the circle of life or within a circle, Mother Earth, Powwow circle, Paw~ paus circle, Fire circle, Prayer circle, even our Alters are in a circle.
Then why would we be speaking about corners?
In the Eastern Woodland Culture ( my people),
Corners is speaking about our people in these circles at our Sacred Ceremonies, Naming, Funeral, 13 Moon, wedding and so on.
Head tribal leader, sometimes called Head Clan Mother, chooses her three, if she is involved, or four if she wishes to be teaching her younger females, these Clan Mothers sit in the four directions with in a Sacred Circle during special ceremonies.
Herbs in a circle are being used by my people.
Herb type tobacco is the first plant that the Creator gave to the people.
It is the leader of all the plant life.
Sage, Cedar and Sweet grass, follow this tobacco (Kinnick~Kinnick) and together this is the four sacred corners (medicines).
The sacred medicines are used in everyday life along with our ceremonies.
Kinnick~ Kinnick is always at the east gate because the east is always first in ceremonies, sweet grass in the south gate because it is mild, quiet and calm, sage in the west strong in control watching for our safety and cedar in the north because our people live in the northern most part of Indian country.

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