Take back your Mother!

Did you know that none of the politicians back in the 1970's in the New England states were Native Americans?
Some of the politicians in New England wish to see our people get some rights long overdue, some politicians just wanted to find a way to end our court battles or just did not care however, as usual, most of the politicians had other interest!
If a betting person I'd be willing to bet that this is how it went throughout Indian country.
Be that as it may, we now have America and the world believing that only people with a government passport ( a little plastic card) are allowed to be called Indian!
Indigenous people of Indian country, did you know that for every casino Indian there are at least 50 real American natives, Black, Red, yellow, brown and even some that look White.
If some of your ancestors were in this country before first contact, it should not matter as to how or why the casino Indians sold out, you are still an American Native and it is way past the time for you to stand up and be counted!
If you belong to a tribe, unite them.
If you do not but know that you have native blood, no matter how much, join one.
If you are not sure ask someone.
Get involved with helping to get all Indigenous people on our land ( Mother Earth) together as one people under Creator.
We need a few billion American natives marching on all of our capitals and we need this now.
Take back your ancestors and your Mother!

If the European American government tells a Native American tribe that they cannot be recognized as a tribe, that tribe needs to unite together, elect your people to an office each election in one village, town, city, county and state at a time!
Then you get to make the rules!

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