Tribal Adoption Native American

Many questions of today are about this

Clan Mother/Adoption into a tribe.
What is a 13 moon, what is a 13 moon ceremony and why does it take so long to complete this ceremony?
All good questions that should be answered at the right time and the right place, at the time of the request.

Many ask, "Why should it take time to be adopted into our tribe?"

We will answer your question with a question.

"Do you really wish to be a full blood member of the people?"

Because you do not have the royal blood line or  do not have the ancestors blood line of any of our people one should understand that you must start from the beginning, learn everything about the family, were it came from, how did it get to where it is now, were is it going in the future, and how does one actually get the blood?

All of these questions will be answered and must be excepted before the ceremony.

However, for your information Native Americans throughout Indian country call Mother Earth, Turtle Island, we call her this because Grandfather sent us to Mother Earth on Grandmother Turtles back, and a turtle has 13 sections on her back that held onto the original 13 tribes.
A 13 Moon Ceremony is an extremely Sacred part of our culture because it is the only way to keep and strengthen any tribe.
Every Sacred ceremony, like the Naming, Funeral, Wedding, Pipe, and Adoption must take a long time if done correctly because it forever, this Adoption will change the control and the Royal family, so if some  Wopauyaw (White person) takes your money and gives you a name within a day or so the person and the name are Snake Oil Phony!

Native American Warrior.

Blog question of the day.
Can a male go through the 13 moon ceremony?
Guessing by this question this person has no idea what is involved, this is the best answer to that question.
Being over 70 years now and confessing never heard of a boy or a man going through a Tribal Clan Mother 13 Moon Ceremony.
However, in this era of male/female discrimination, anything may be possible?
Now all one needs do is find a Spiritual Leader willing to over look this male/female fact and spend the time with this person necessary to complete the ceremony!

Why do we have a naming or Adoption ceremonies?

Why do Christians have baptisms?
Our naming ceremonies are our way to introduce a person to Creator, if excepted, Creator will name this person this is why all of our ceremonies are so sacred!

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