Japan wins!

Congratulation to the Japanese Women.

We will get you in 2015.

Congratulation to the Women's World Cup Soccer.

Germany, the host country should be very proud, you deserve all of the credit for a great World Cup Games!

A special heartfelt thank-you to our USA Women's Soccer Team.
You have thrilled us for years now and you played a great game in this finals.
I have learned from a great catcher, hitter, manager, and yes sometimes poet, "It ain't over til it's over."
( Yogi Berra, the Ape, a New York Yankee/New York Met).

Go get them at the next cup.
The next World Cup, in Canada in 2015
Japan Women, you are on top of the world and you deserve the recognition. You come a long way baby!
After all of the truly heart breaking news over the past year, it is good to see and hear great news for you and your country.

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