Census participation pay off

Tribal efforts to boost Census participation pay off in population surge
"Following the lead of a successful Navajo push to get more members counted in the 2000 Census, other tribes around the state made a dedicated effort to get people counted in the 2010 Census. And it appears to have paid off, with the state’s Indian population up more than 15 percent in the decade".
Once again, I say," if you have American native blood, or if you think that you may have American native blood, it is your duty to stand and be counted.
The BIA, your state, and the government want us to believe that they have the right to choose their pet Indians as recognized American natives.
However, your ancestors say to you, "No this is not so"!
You owe it to your elders, ancestors and Grandfather (Creator) to see to it that you check the American native box each census no matter what others have checked in your name on past census!
Remember that your past elders, fearing, bodily harm on you that many of them have suffered in the past, checked WHITE on your census"!

Please remember!

Census participation pay off


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