Smudging one's home.

Smudging one's home, house or other buildings.
This is information about the Eastern Woodland American Native people only, I do not write about other tribe’s ceremonies unless I have been involved personally, and have their permission!
Some people believe that a Smudging Ceremony should be done privately, for them this is correct. Some people believe that they must only be smudged by a medicine person, for them this is correct. The only important thing should be that you feel a cleansing of anything evil.
Smudging your home or other property, to take a smudge bowl home and smudge a building takes a lot of concentration on the part of the person doing the smudging. The first thing that must be talked about is that many people wish to smudge their home to help get rid of spirits.
I can see that no one should want the Trickster (coyote) running around your home causing trouble; however, remember good spirits are around you also, these good spirits can and
will help you if you will let them.
We also have a third spirit around a home once in a while.
This spirit is one that became a spirit because of something very traumatic while in this life. This tragedy more than likely was not the fault of that spirit, and the spirit is lost and confused. This spirit only wishes to get help to cross on the good path. If one really wishes to do smudging, you need to do it correctly.
If you find that your good spirit is the last one that I spoke about you must go to a Traditional American Native tribe (please check this very carefully for a correct smudging) you will not be sorry, this has and should always be a blessing from Creator!
If you have the time please give this post a try?
Does smudging get rid of good spirits also?

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