How to gift a Spiritual leader?

Native American Spirituality.
"Spirituality is not religion to American Natives.
Religion is not a Native concept, it is a non Native word,
with implications of things that often end badly, like
Holy wars, in the name of individual God's and so on.
Native people do not ask what religion another Native is,
because they already know the answer.
To Native people, spirituality is about the Creator, period."
Gifting a spiritual leader.
A spiritual leader is just another worker for Creator, one would gift them as you would any traditional Native person.
The traditional way to give is a gift of tobacco (Kicnic-kicnic), as the request is made to gift that person.

Please remember, there is nothing sacred about any chemical, they are all poison so, what you would be saying by gifting tobacco to this person is, I poison you!
Remember, the left side of a person is the closest to the heart so, when you are sure that that person knows that you are approaching and with the gift in your left hand, reach out to that persons left hand, with your eyes looking at their heart, hand the gift, hand to hand.
A traditional leader uses a lot of this tobacco so, you can be sure that it will be greatly appreciated.

My ancestors were simple common sense people.

Their tobacco was grown without chemicals, the ancestors did not need them!

Today our elders know that cigarettes cause cancer, even if they smoke, someone that they know and love has died a horrible death from this cancer.

Please do not insult them by an offering of a cancer causing cigarette.

Will you please use Kinnick~ Kinnick (herbs)?

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