What is a Native American Traditionalist?

Question asked today

A Native American traditionalist is a person old enough to remember the teaching first hand by the elders, now ancestors.

Old enough to be wise enough to find ways to help make the old and the new ways work together for the good of everyone!

For instance,

One can have a pipe ceremony using only traditional herbs while being a smoker of modern cigarettes

While knowing to never mix the two at the same time.

One can have a traditional funeral while allowing a religious group to have their ceremony first,

Knowing that two ceremonies are better for the grieving family.

A traditionalist remembers time gone by when,

if one wanted to swim that person could strip down to a bathing suit,

leave everything on a picnic table,

swim for an hour or so

and find everything still on that picnic table.

This is a prayer for a return to the good old days to help improve living today!

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