What was the first thing the Native American said?

When asked a question like this one must always remember a statement drilled into my mind for years by one of my Traditional elders now ancestor.

"The only dumb question is the one thought to ask however, never asked".

So, my best answer would have to be, " If the first Native American was one of my ancestors, the answer was, Taw-but-ni"!


Thank you (Taw-but-ni) Creator for creating me.

Someone today also demanded that I remove my Owl background, hard on his/her eyes, I do not know if it was a male or female because they were so rude that they left no way to answer.

However, the Owl, our protector,  for my people is just as sacred as the Eagle, one of our messengers to and from Creator.

My blog my background, maybe I will work on the font size and color?

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