Native American Sainthood


Because you may not understand, I did not wish to write this blog posting however, it will not go away!
Kateri a Native American Sainthood Or A Tale Of Crass Hagiography?
I have been avoiding this subject for over a month now knowing that I would lose many visitors, Catholic friends and some relations!
Yes, one should feel for this saintly little girl, saintly because of the age when inflected with all of those deceases!
The Iroquois Confederacy, my Mohawk brothers always took great pride in showing me what they say is the only war won by the Mohican people against them, thinking that I am Mohican and not Mohegan?
The Mohawk people are my friends and relitions.
After first contact there has been many of our people suffered while caring for their people, plus after the Christian Europeans spread Smallpox and many other infections, used as weapons, while conquering our people, many more have suffered.
This young lady along with all of Native Americans are a blessing from Creator, so in our own way, in our own beliefs and in our own ceremonies we care for our people, this is the Native American way and it is not a European religious way!
There is nothing in our belief to place a person up equal with Creator, all of our people are as equal in the eyes of Creator!
As that write reported “Catholicism conquered, tortured, appropriated, coerced, enslaved, obfuscated, diminished, denied, humiliated our people”.
Why then would our people wish to be offered up in a Christian ceremony?

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