" The squeaky wheel usually gets the most oil"!

Cisco Santana-Montez (Aquine) Peace to you and yours.

Your letter did not go to Diane Sawyer it came to my blog posting?

I am well pleased to read all of the good work that you and your wife are doing for the people at Pine Ridge.

However, please keep in mind that they are only one of so many Reservations suffering from a lack of concern because few know about their plight.

It is sometimes a shame to see that because of that disgusting action by our government at Wounded Knee and also in many more tribes, it was just one of thousands of actions by the then government.

As the saying goes " The squeaky wheel usually gets the most oil"!

As a Native American Spiritual leader I wish to remind you that they all have been neglected ever since first contact however, this administration has been doing more than any in the past to help, with the exception of the Jimmy Carter administration.

If this president could only get help from the congress like what President Carter needed, he would be able to do much more work for the poor tribes in this country.

When this government learns to also recognize the traditional true tribes in the east that it is still trying to assimilate, then and only then will I be able to rest in the European world.

Taw-but-ni ( thank-you for such a nice letter).

Your letter follows

Dear Diane, after seeing this 20/20 documentary, my wife and I were very affected by the terrible conditions of this reservation in South Dakota, known as Pine Ridge. The children were wonderful to listen to. We were impressed with Robert Looks Twice and Louise Clifford and little Tashina. What we have done is the following: I approached Salvation Army’s coats give-a away program coordinator, and explained to her why I was requesting coats for the Lakota children, knowing that they only gave to local children. I guess the great spirit was with me, as she made the decision over the rules and gave me 60 coats for children 3 to 15 years of age. I was able to talk to Marnee White Wolf, the Principal at Wounded Knee District School, and told her of the incoming coats to her school. We sent 45 new coats/jackets for boys and girls. I also spoke with Robert and gave him the same information: to expect 11 coats for him and his cousins and one coat for his grandma. We sent 1 coat and 1 jacket to Louise Clifford, and to Tashina we sent 2 jackets, one for her and one for her little sister. I do not wish to stop here, I will try to find funding so a new trailer can be bought for Robert’s family. Thank you so much for showing us how our government does very little through the so called Bureau of Indian Affairs for the Lakota Indians. I am so angry at our present administration, which is sending millions of dollars to foreign countries, yet does nothing to fund new housing for the Pine Ridge Indian reservation, our true and first Americans. Wake up Barack Obama, where are your third world roots?

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