Native American Gate keeper?

Native American Gate keeper?
Thunder Bay Ontario Canada
My teaching websites and blogs are just that, teaching.

Remember that this post is speaking about a Sacred Circle ‘Chachu’ (Our Church)!

As I have stated many times in many places on postings and websites “The only dumb question is the question that you think of, but are afraid to ask!"

There was, is and should never be a "Gatekeeper" in a true traditional Eastern Woodland Native American Ceremony!  

The words gate keepers in Native American teachings is very strange however, it is sometimes used in our writings to help explain to non natives a part of a ceremony.

What we are referring to is the person or persons that stand in the east at our sacred circles, available for teaching and to control passage from the world into our church (Circle).

We have very few restrictions into a circle.

That said, one must be dressed respectfully, have no recording device with them, pass only through the east and have love in their hearts.

Will, one does not need to have the love but we would like for you to be able to enjoy yourselves while dancing.

Native American gatekeepers, as you may have noticed while traveling around the internet, that some teaching about our people will not correctly match up with what the elders taught as the truth.

Many times often being taught by non native people or someone not from our tribe!

This is one of those times!

As the Occult (Shamanism Occult Religion) was allowed to make its way into our culture after first contact, some of their teachings came with them!

In our Sacred Ceremony known today as a Circle, Chachu, entering was always from the east, the sun rises from the east making it easy to see what was going on within this circle.

Before first contact all Sacred Ceremonies were at this east so, this became sacred also. At no time was there ever a keeper of the gate in our Paw-paus (Sacred Ceremony).

You may have notices that sometimes even I used this satanic explanation because it seemed to be an easy way to explain why we enter and exit from the east.

I was wrong! This must stop.

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