Support Pours in For Suspended Menominee Student

This story is not so surprising. What is surprising to me is finding out that after so many years of abuse it is still going on at in Catholic schools or any of this countries schools for that matter.

Back in the 1950 s in New London Connecticut, I felt the power of a yard stick on the hand on the first day of school at St Mary's Why?

Because I was writing with my left hand.

This home room Nun crept up behind me and wacked my hand while I was writing a school report, I guess you know that I was expelled from that school however, I'll bet that she will be thinking twice before making that move on someone else?
Natives were taught that the left hand is a sacred hand.

In high school my coaches found out that the best way to teach me how to play football was to refer to me as that "Indian Savage".

because of my long hair, " he called you a little girl"!

Now today in 2012, a young girl cannot play basketball because she spoke in her own native tongue?

What was her crime? S
he used the word ( Tapanaew) LOVE!

AQUINE ( Tapanaew)

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