One Who Helps People Throughout the Land speaks with forked tongue!

Crow tribe's new warrior speak with forked tongue

President Obama has a Crow Nation Indian name: One Who Helps People Throughout the Land.

Or is it Man who speak with forked tongue?

Native Americans protest Obama approval of pipeline's south end

Obama fast-tracking polluting pipeline

President Barack Obama announced his plan to fast- track the construction of the pipeline's southern end at a speech in Cushing, Oklahoma.

“Natives in Canada live downstream from toxic tar sands mines,” said Earl Hatley, “and they are experiencing spikes in colon, liver, blood and rare bile-duct cancers which the Canadian government and oil companies simply ignore. And now they want to pipe these tar sands through the heart of Indian country, bulldozing grave sites and ripping out our heritage.”

My Sachem Uncas Traditional Blog posting on 03/30/2012

03/30/2012 Obama is not doing what is right for Native Americans

This has the look of being a little sneaky and behind our backs

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