What is a Traditionalist?

Chatham Medway United Kingdom

Thank you for this, a very important question, Native American Traditionalist.

So, what is this traditional person and/or why should that even matter in today's fast pace world?

A traditionalist is anyone still with the love, teaching (learning) and understanding of our ancestors, their culture and ceremonies, while keeping their promise to their elders (now ancestors) that has learned how to keep applying this knowledge in today's fast pace world.

It is possible to remember the culture and why they were so important in the old days, while enjoying the progress of this age, in prayer and ceremonies enjoy the culture of your ancestors.

Keep you i-pads, your loud music, cars and internet while remembering how to invite Creator (God) into you dance, drum and prayer.

It is not only possible but enjoyable to be married in a church while also being married by a Traditional Spiritual Leader.

It is a dear, loving moment to bury your loved one with religion and also with your tribal family with a Traditional Spiritual Leader and so on.

That said, I do understand just how hard it is in today's so called Native American world, for this young inpatient person to receive a name or a young couple ( young in love not in age) or this grieving family to find this mysterious traditionalist person.

While traveling the powwow circle you may see someone with no tribal relationship selling goods made in China or anyplace outside of Indian country or running a circus type arena instead of Creators Circle, being approached, believing them to be this traditionalist leader, expecting to be excepted by Creator for  a name, marriage, funeral or some other ceremony. How nauseous this is to our ancestors!

One can only offer a few quick questions when approaching this person.

First, how do they accept your Kinnick~Kinnick gift?

Left hand to left hand!

Will money ever be involved?


Receiving your name from Creator?

At least two weeks!

How often is Creator mention in the conversation?

Only Creator can bless only Creator can perform any ceremony!

How long before this ceremony can be completed?

At least two weeks away unless an extreme emergency!

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