An Anonymous Question

An Anonymous Question found on my Native American Wedding Ceremony (Traditional).

I have received sage and a bowl for smudging, they were gifts.

Do I give tobacco to the givers as thanks.

Aquai Anonymous.

 Aquine ( Peace to you and your friend).

Your question to me came from your people.

Please remember, my answer to you comes from my knowledge of my people.

This person gave you a gift, a gift comes from the heart so, a gift from your heart, if you feel the need to give, is always a good thing.

A gift of Kinnick~Kinnick (tobacco) is always a good sure gift because Native people are always using this for gifting and ceremonies.

However, that said, pray on this gift and, if you still feel the need, give what you feel comes from your heart, left hand to left hand.

Now as for your question about a blanket on my bed as a symbol.

I cut your question down so as not to embarrass you.

What I think about this blanket on your bed, This so called man, and his symbol is forbidden by Creator for me to say.

However,  I now have to get back to my Prayer Alter and ask for forgiveness because of my thoughts about this subject!

This was just a sick person trying to have his way with you!

You need to thank your elders, ancestors and Creator that you are no longer with this phony!

Now if you still feel the need, go to your bed and use some of you herb, Kinnick~Kinnick (Tobacco) with sage and smudge over your bed, change the covers and pray because Creator still loves you.

You did nothing wrong!

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