Smudging Christian?

Laurinburg North Carolina http://www.laurinburg.org/ Smudging Christian

Mississauga Ontario Canada http://www.mississauga.ca/portal/home Is smudging Christian

Texas asked this question so now there are at least two more wondering

Pflugerville Texas http://www.pflugervilletx.gov/ Is smudging Christian

So, Let me put it this way, How to be a Christian?

If you look this up on your search engines you will get anywhere from 10 to 110 answers.

This is the reason why Native Americans do not wish to become religious!

To answer your question YES I am a Christian!

Please understand that I did not say that I was into the religion of Christians, I said that I follow the son of God (Creator)

Jesus refused to follow religion because humans have polluted religion!

Smudging is just another great tool to help you pray.

However to be a Christian is even easier than that.

Ask the son of God to forgive you for your past.

By believing that Jesus Christ did in fact forgive you, you are a Christian, Period!

When you slip and fall back, ask again for forgiveness, just keep asking and keep believing.

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