Americans critical of Thomas Jefferson

The following posting is about First Prime Minister of independent India, Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru.
However the information about our past president is what I want to write about.
Nehru: The casualty of India’s first historical revision
Among its founding fathers, Americans have been particularly critical of Thomas Jefferson in the later part of 20th century. A defendant of slavery who advocated harsh treatment for Native Americans and invited the crisis of nullification, historians like David Malone have been critical of his ideas and actions. In fact what Jefferson has faced is the phenomenon of historical revision, which is not limited within the national borders.

A little history might help you to understand our feelings a little better?
For thousands of years before first contact the people, birds and animals would move around the New England area following their food source according to the four seasons.
After each cycle they would always return to their home in each area of this season.
Only when the people came back, it was first come first occupied so, when the original occupant returned, both family's would work together making sure each had a place to call home!
Not so with the new arrivals to our country!
This new group of people took the land and have NEVER given it back or helped our people in finding a replacement.

This is wrong, very wrong!

The biggest reason why so many of 'Americas first people' are no longer recognized by today's ' American European governments second people' is the fault of the first few president of this country!
I am talking about we the people up and down the east coast in this our country!
Their lack of understanding, non interest in understanding, their interest in slavery and their action at attempts to annulations of our people, made it easier for this modern form of government using blinders while talking about the native Americans in this, our country!
We do not need a casino, most traditional do not want one, many need our help, all want to become recognized as who they really are, your "First American People"

First Prime Minister of independent India, Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru, Many of us today look upon the partition as much the failure of Nehru as it was of Mahatma. For decades debate revolved around their perceived failure to out-maneuver Jinnah in the 1940s.

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