Barbara Walters to Anchor HEAVEN: WHERE IS IT? HOW DO WE GET THERE?
Catholic, Jewish, Baptist, Mormon, Buddhist, Evangelical, Atheist, Muslim, Terrorist, The Science "The God Gene".
Once again the news media has shunned the first people of this country, we do not even get to speak on behalf of our Creator and our real home?

The point to my comment on this story is that, every religious organization in Indian country is hell bent on converting my people to their beliefs however, every time they hold a religious round table, with the exception of Connecticut Collage some years ago, the people that they are trying to convince that they have the real GOD are excluded  from their meetings!
Now do you suppose that is?
Well to the news media one would guess that we are still their savages?
As a Spiritual Leader I must once again protest  on behalf of our people, Yes. we are people!
Barbara Walters, explores the meaning of heaven with religious leaders of the major faiths, scientists, people who say they believe in heaven because they have been there, with celebrities who are vocal about their beliefs, and even with terrorists.
Catholic - Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, This life is not what we're made for. We're made for heaven. We're made for the future." Jewish - "The purpose of life is to live a decent life and that you do it for its own sake, not for getting a reward," says Rabbi Neil Gillman. Baptist - Reverend Calvin Butts heaven is "eternal joy and happiness because you are at one with God." Mormon - Elder William R. Walker, "I think there are some people who think we are not Christian, and that's a huge misconception,". Buddhist - His Holiness the Dalai Lama, who says the purpose of life is to be happy and to accomplish that by "warm-heartedness." He says heaven "is [the] best place to further develop the spiritual practice... for Buddhists the final goal is not just to reach there but to become Buddha. [It's] not the end," and he tells Walters that you can come back as an animal: "If someone do very badly... kill or steal... [he] could be born in an animal body." Evangelical - The promise of heaven plays a central role in the lives of Evangelicals, who believe you must be born again. Atheist - "No, heaven doesn't exist, hell doesn't exist. We weren't alive before we were born and we're not going to exist after we die, Ellen Johnson, a former president of the American Atheists. Muslim - Islamic scholar Feisal Abdul Rauf says "the real life is the next life... and based upon how we live this life, it determines where we shall be in the next. Terrorists and Heaven - Jihad Jarrar, a member of the Palestinian group Islamic Jihad, only Muslims will go to heaven and that the reason he chose a martyrdom operation was to spend an eternity in paradise.
The Science of Heaven - Why does faith come easily to some and eludes others? In search of the scientific rationale for heaven, Dr. Dean Hamer, author of The God Gene, and a former geneticist at the National Institutes of Health. Is there really a "God Gene" that affects people's level of spirituality?
Near-Death Experiences - Walters also examines the phenomenon of the near death experience. What happens when you journey to the other side of death and back? Is this a real glimpse of Heaven or is there a scientific explanation for the NDE?
Many scientists and doctors believe that the near-death experience is simply a function of a dying brain. But not according to Deb Foster, who was clinically dead for about four minutes and says she saw Heaven. Deb tells Barbara, "I know what I experienced, and no scientist can deny the near death experience. There is not proof that it doesn't exist. It exists, and I was there." Walters also profiles Colton Burpo, who at four years old says he saw Heaven during emergency surgery. His father, Todd Burpo, a pastor, has written a bestselling book about his son's experience called "Heaven is for Real."
Heaven and Real People - How do you tell children what happens to their loved ones when they die? Who do you see when you arrive in heaven? Walters talks to such people as Maria Shriver, author of a children's book on heaven, and Mitch Albom, author of The Five People You Meet in Heaven, for their take on the afterlife.

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