Native Americans, please vote

I want to emphasize to all Native Americans, like myself, that it is important to vote for Obama in November, the best choice for the needs of our people. But it’s also important to take an interest in, and vote in, all races. It has taken a long time for us to gain the right to vote and we should cherish it.
We did not get to vote and become U.S. citizens until 1924. Many states continued to prohibit Indians from voting: Arizona and New Mexico did not allow Indians to vote until 1948, and Utah was the last state to grant the right, in 1956. When analyzed, the reasons for the delay all appear discriminatory. Even today, people complain because income from our reservations is not taxable, or because we win court settlements for government mismanagement. Of course, they overlook the fact that virtually every dollar is spent locally, with sales tax being paid.
We are all part of the communities surrounding us, and we need to use our voting rights to make sure that good choices are made for all the officials elected. Your vote counts.
Ruth M. Wapato

As a Native American with African American ancestors and born in a Matriarch society, might I also add Women and African Americans.
Please Vote!
And while voting remember to not go backwards into Republican propaganda living once again!
slaves, as such, never did get the right to vote. But at the close of the Civil War they were all formally freed under the 13th Amendment to the Constitution (Bill of Rights), which abolished slavery in 1865.
Former slaves were then granted the right to vote in 1870, under the 15th Amendment, which decreed that the right to vote could not be denied because of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.
After the slaves, the 15th amendment of the Constitution ratified in 1870 gave citizens the right to vote regardless of their race or previous condition of servitude.
Women didn't get the right to vote until 1920 when then the 19th amendment guarantee the right of vote to anyone regardless of their gender.

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