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This blogger believes in the supreme Being that taught not to worship a religion, worship your Creator "GOD"!

Why do ( Traditional Native Americans) shunned all religion?

Two "MEN" that I respect the most in life!
Why " Jesus Christ", shun religion every day
As a native American Spiritual Elder I have felt the need to constantly study not only my ancestors belief, also study the beliefs of many other religions.
Many times one can find a close relationship be the supreme being we know as Father Sky ( Traditional Eastern Woodland New England Area) sent to Mother Earth by Creator (God)to teach the correct way to live and please Creator and the son of the Christian God sent to teach the correct way to live to please God!The Jewish religion believes that their God (Yahweh) sent many to teach the correct way to please their God, I am not qualified to be an attorney or a judge, I am still in the learning stage and plan on staying there until I cross to home however, I believe that one main teacher was God the son (Father Sky).
I also believe that Allah ( God) is a loving god not a  forcing killer of the people!
So if  Yahweh, Allah, God and Creator are the same Supreme Being,
Grandfather.(Ohjieshan) Walkingfox

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