Smudging and Circle

People are still showing up to my old discontinued website
Mohican/Pequot/Mohegan first Village.
On the Uncasvillage index page.
The majority are looking for information about the Native American way of
Circle or Smudging
Even though I no longer use the site and tripod refuses to take it down for me, it has good information and another way for you to find what you may be looking for.
 But, if you still have questions feel free to ask.
It's pretty simple if you think about it, Creator has created everything in a circle so it should be no surprise to learn that Creators people do everything with circles.
As for smudging, people have written about this with many words in many ways for many years.
Smudging, no matter how you do it or what you are using to do it, it is just another way of getting yourself into a mindset for prayer with Creator, that simple.
Many of our people smudge something while walking in a circle around it, this may be a way of covering both smudging and circle and is OK, as long as you also remember that the reason for doing this is for a nice quiet time talk with Creator, or whatever you wish to call your Supreme Being!
The only sticky point old traditional native people have with the circles is that after the late 70's early 80's outsiders to our area have changed almost everything concerning our circles!
Grandfather.(Ohjieshan) Walkingfox

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