Who's an Indian? The Feds Aren't So Sure

How can a nation of God fearing people annihilate another nation of God (Creator) fearing people?
We have two types of Terrorist in the world!
One that is misreading the Qur'an and the other is a government that annihilates its people!
From Wounded Knee to Final annihilation of a race of people!
Who's an Indian? The Feds Aren't So Sure
Definitions of American Indian in federal laws and regulations can determine eligibility for health services, housing assistance and college scholarships.
In its recently published regulations, the agency defines Indians in the narrowest possible manner -- members of federally-recognized tribes.
The definition runs counter to long-standing landmark legislation established by the Indian Health Care Improvement Act (1976), the Indian Self Determination and Education Assistance Act (1978), and even the existing Federal Tax Code. These Acts define Indians as members or descendants of recognized tribal members -- a definition used by the Indian Health Service to determine eligibility for health services.
Our government is becoming a nation of Canaanites!
The Canaanites: How Could a Just God Command His People to Destroy an Entire Nation?

Yes, Now I am extremely angry!
Just because a greedy mob of people from another country did not completely assimilate or exterminate  our people now they want to tell me that if they say so

When the ancestors of the original American people of New England were being annihilated or assimilated there was no Dawes Roll, our ancestors had no idea that they would need to prove to a group of Terrorist Immigrants that came onto their land, that they are members of the original people!
So now President Obama is only recognizing people that "he said are of the original land dwellers" .
Federally recognized people are the ones that sold their people and land claims down the drain for a plastic card hoping for a casino!
If this other group of people win this election there will also be no Federal recognized tribes, Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security!
I do not own that piece of plastic because, this government had no right to kill my ancestors, take my land and not pay for it.
I want it back so that I can charge rent to the Terrorist, Immigrant, land grabbing, freeloaders.

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