I am welling to answer any and all of your questions

Dear  Anonymous writer

I am welling to answer any and all of your questions and anyone else for that matter.
I tried to answer earlier and my antivirus kicked in so please send your questions along with a name and the name of this group of people so that my answers can be geared to those questions.
If you do not want names on the blogger, send the info to
walkingfox at centurylink.net

I am non-native and work for a native community. There has recently been a lot of movement in bringing culture into everything that we do. I have taken the time to learn a lot about the culture, customs, and traditions but am a little nervous to participate because I am not sure how it will be received. I don't really know how to effectively do what I am being asked to do. One of my dilemmas is that I know that you are supposed to offer tobacco when you ask if someone will open at an event with a prayer. Would it be wrong for me to offer the tobacco to this person? (Most of the people in my department are non-native as well and I can't imagine asking my supervisor to do it)I have had tobacco gifted to me and this is the tobacco that I would use. Thank you for any assistance you may be able to provide. on Native American Wedding Ceremony (Traditional).

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