Feds finalize tribal eagle feather policy

Posted on October 15, 2012 by Bob Berwyn
Before we get into this subject let's talk!
A short quiz!
All Native American's should respect Birds of Prey
~~ True!
Native Americans respect, or should, all of creation!
All Native Americans must have birds of prey feathers on their body and/or Regalia? ~~False!
All Native Americans have Tattoo's!
~~ False!
Again, respect creation, you are a creation of your Creator.
All Native Americans should give a damn about this governments changes to our culture and ceremonies, rather they recognize us or not!
~~ False!
All Native Americans should not give a damn if this government can see anyone us!
This government has no right to our culture or ceremonies, nor do they have the right to make us disappear, even if they cannot see us! We are still here!
Now, that said, at no time did a Traditional Native American throughout the traditional tribes east of the Mississippi river do harm or disrespect to our brother and sisters the bird of prey! We did not need a White government telling us to respect our protectors, the birds of prey?
Eagles, to our people, are our protector however, so are every other Bird of Prey!
~~ True!
So, if you are one of us this government ruling should not apply to you!
Federal officials say that, after consultation with Indian tribes, they’ve clarified a national policy addressing the right of Native Americans to possess or use eagle feathers for cultural and religious expression.
This government NEVER consulted my people, did they talk to you?
The policy covers all federally protected birds, bird feathers and bird parts and should help address tribal concerns and uncertainties about how and when eagle feathers can be transported and used. It will also help provide clarity for wildlife officials responsible for enforcing the protective laws.
“This policy will help ensure a consistent and uniform approach across the nation to protecting and preserving eagles, and to honoring their cultural and spiritual significance to American Indians,” said Attorney General Holder. “The Department of Justice is committed to striking the right balance in enforcing our nation’s wildlife laws by respecting the cultural and religious practices of federally recognized Indian tribes with whom the United States shares a unique government-to-government relationship.”
Federal wildlife laws such as the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act generally criminalize the killing of eagles and other migratory birds and the possession or commercialization of the feathers and other parts of such birds to help ensure that eagle and other bird populations remain healthy and sustainable.
I agree with the letter of the law, Do not kill my brother or sister the bird of prey, I do not agree with this government telling anyone in this country " I do not see you"?

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