John Hamilton, a great person, an elder, even a mentor.

Who is John Hamilton?

The internet is a wonderful thing, it has made life easier, better, it times, and helps the gathering of information.
Therein lies the rub!
Sometimes this information gets a little fuzzy!
John Hamilton, a great person, an elder, even a mentor.
John did help our people throughout his life, he did make many trips to the west.
On one trip as age set in, he showed up at the meeting with a store bought plains Indian headdress calling himself chief Rolling Cloud?
Yes, as stated in past postings, he would run around town on his White Horse and scream like an old plains Indian warrior however, the people that are laughing at him will someday be old and senile also, hope that payback does not hurt too much!
John, at times was also a chief, he earned that job from the Sachem of the tribe!
Hey Chief!

(chief is the lowest offices in the navy or a leader of a Plains Indian tribe).
It is also a worker in a traditional tribe from the east coast of Indian country.
While this is true, this is very important to remember, once that job was finished the person is no longer that chief, people over look this truth from the ancestors!
Harold Tantaquidgeon
He was a chief!
Courtland Fowler?
According to many of the then elders, there was doubt that he was even Mohegan?
Alice Storey
land-claims settlements for a number of unrecognized Indian nations, particularly for the state tribes.
These were tribes that had been recognized long before by individual state (or colonial) governments, but did not have the sovereign legal status that came with federal recognition?
Again (THE RUB)!
The states and federal governments found a way to get out of them all, find some greedy people!

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