Sachem/Sagamos/Sagamore in a casino?


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What is the difference between Sachem and Sagamore member at mohegan sun?

Please remember that different tribes have different language.

For instance all New England tribes were Matriarch however now some northern tribes are not.

I am not sure what the Mohegan Casino has to do with this question however, here’s thinking that they must have the same question and answer on their website?

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so I will reprint here then add an answer on this posting site.

From time to time I need to correct things being told as the truth over the internet.

A Sachem in the Pequot/Mohegan and other New England tribes is loosely translated to as or referred to as a king by the Europeans after first contact.

A Sagamos like in the Penobscot and Narragansett people that came from the Terrytoons or tribes of the north are also known as their leaders, this group of people are not of a Matriarch society and came down from Canada centuries ago, some even came down a few years ago.

I am guessing that is why their leaders always wear a Plains Indian head dress when in front of cameras?

A Sagamore is a sub chief or anyone within a true New England tribe that is given a position of reasonability by their Sachem and or Head Clan Mother.

They maintains that sub chief (Sagamore) title for as long as the job is being performed as in the title war chief or public relations chief!

Because the New England tribes before first contact were a matriarch people men and women could and do hold this position of authority as needed.

In order to correctly study and understand the true leaders of American native people one must study them long before our language was changed to suit outsiders since the middle of the 1980's.

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