The forgotten Indians without your approval

One Ballardite's journey to photograph all 562 Native American tribes
While you are out on the trail Mr. Indian (Matika Wilbur) remember the traditional people you wrote about in 2011?
The forgotten Indians without the European government approval!
The other 562 tribes!

Save the Indian and Kill the Man:
New Photographs by Matika Wilbur
January 10–August 14, 2011
SAM Third Floor Galleries
From 1880 and into the modern era, the U. S. government forced thousands of Native children into residential schools under the policy of “Kill the Indian and Save the Man,” in the mistaken belief that only through assimilation could Native people survive. Stripped of their languages and traditions, and forced to endure starvation, disease and abuse, many internalized their ordeal through alcoholism and suicide, thus creating a cycle of trauma felt by subsequent generations. In this installation of twelve photographic prints, Matika Wilbur up-ends the manifesto of cultural genocide in provocative works that lay bare issues of contemporary “Indian-ness,” and the resolve of a new generation to express their identities, not by past trauma, but in modern, complex and surprising ways.

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