UNA Retire Columbus Day in San Francisco

Boycott every company that closes on Columbus day!
This includes the United States Government.
Another holiday has come and passed, when will this madness stop?
More and more states and companies are learning the history of this savage killer and trading this day for another or just ignoring it altogether.
UNA Retire Columbus Day in San Francisco
This was a self centered, mooching scoundrel back in Europe that was given money to build boats just to rid themselves of him.
He missed India one hundred and eighty degrees backwards and this country, landing on an island instead, They landed on a small island in the present-day Bahamas.
His second trip he once again got lost and ended up in this country instead of that island.
Once he found out how kind, friendly and unprotected from him and his men they were he made them all into mule slaves.
If they did not obey fast enough they died a horrible death, is this a person that deserves a holiday named after him?
Every person in this country that believes that he is worthy of a day names after him needs to reread the history on him!

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