The last of the Mohican's once again!

I was trapped last night watching The last of the Mohicans once again!
First question that I would like for people to be asking is, why is it that the three hero's in this film are not Mohican or Mohegan?
This film is a fiction based on the book, The last of the Mohicans, about the Mohican people only Cooper, an ancestor of mine and a Mohegan, places Uncas in the middle of this fiction and one of the hero's but not the last of the Mohegan's?
This was included in a book report that I wrote while in Junior high school.
Two of the actors said to be Mohegan, one is a Oglala/Lakota Sioux Indian (Russell Means playing Chingachgook the last of the Mohegan’s?), the other is a Métis from Greenland Canada (Eric Schweig playing Uncas the son?), the third is an Englishman playing an adopted son?
“A man cannot become adopted into a traditional New England tribe except through a Head Clan Mother Ceremony”!
Over the years, each time this film came up or someone finds out that I am a Mohegan, I get the
“you cannot be a Mohegan because statement”?
I did read the book
and watched this fiction film some years later and the bad taste had never left me however, my friend has never seem it and wished, to her sorrow, to make up her own mind, now I am living with her mumbling for a few days!
There are so many things derogatory (just plain wrong) with this film it is real hard write this posting!
Let's start with Uncas?
This Uncas had a minor role in this fiction, and an insult to my ancestor!
Actor Eric Schweig Is of German and Inuit Métis descent, Not a Mohegan?
Russell Means playing Chingachgook the last of the Mohegan’s is a Lakota Sioux?
I am writing the word Mohegan because Sachem Uncas was the first of the Mohegan’s!
The last person James Fenimore Cooper, a Mohegan, would have playing a Native American Mohegan would have been an Englishman adopted or a full blood!
The first thing I would chose would have been using real Mohegan or Mohican decendents!
One of many nasty tribes came from up north, the Herons, are just what was shown however, these people are a minority throughout the New England tribes, most of our people are of a Matriarch society and were the victims more offer then the villain!
Another piece of the film was the battle!
The French and the English were fighting for the rights to their forts in their land. This land belongs to Mother Earth however, it was occupied long before either of them, by Natives of the land, My people!
What is now needed is an updated film with real locations, this was filmed in (Asheville, North Carolina) and real natives (Mohegan or Mohican )playing their ancestor.
Today it could be an even bigger hit, what do you think?

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