If you cross this line it means WAR!

Time to draw that line!
It is so far past the time for the many to draw a line in the sand to the few and say NO MORE!
If you cross this line it means WAR!
For those of you that know me, know that I am a Traditional Native American and I will always be a Traditional Native American, the only religion that I preach is OBEY your CREATOR!
However, this also includes calling out the Trickster for what he is, a small, sneaky, coward that must do his dirty work behind your back by misusing the law!
Church Cancels ‘Charlie Brown’ Over Atheist Outrage
Creator (your God) was around long before Santa Clause, this government and its laws.
Creator was also around long before any slimy atheist ever walked on two legs!
I joined the service to fight for your freedom, this freedom also includes your right to worship your Supreme Being when and where you wish to in this your country, if the Atheist do not wish to see you using your freedom, they need to pack their bags, I will protect their right to get out of this our country!
So what’s next? No more Sweat lodge, Sundance, Ghost dance or Paw paus?

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