What is the job of a clans mother of a native tribe

Welcome to the visitor from Fryeburg Maine
Thank you for stopping by with a very important question
What is the job of a Clan Mother of a native tribe
As you can see from the following postings I write a lot about your question and for a very good reason.
A clan Mother of a Matriarch Society is much more than a job.
Please keep in mind while reading the above postings that I write about my people from your state to Florida and out to the Mississippi River that are of a Matriarch Society only!
A Head Clan Mother ( because of her royal blood line) is second only to the Sachem of the tribe, her clan mothers follow according to their knowledge then the Sagamores, chiefs and so on.
This is the reason why our 13 Moon Ceremony of NOT a joking matter!
Taw-but-ni (Thank-you) for your question hope that you understand and that the answer was written soft and kind as I planned?

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